China Launches New Hechi Airport on Top of 65 Mountains

China Launches New Hechi Airport on Top of 65 Mountains

Passengers are in for a thrill as they descend upon Hechi airport located on the top of 65 mountains.

If you are looking for a thrilling ride on your next flight, try flying to the new Hechi airport in China. Situated 2,200 ft above sea level, safe landing itself may be a feat.

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Built on top of 65 mountains, the runway is only 1.3 miles long and 150 ft wide. It allows no room for pilot error, especially when there’s a 1000 ft sheer drop on one end. Landing on this dangerous runway is going to be a nail-biting experience and is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

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Hechi authorities were unable to find a suitable flat surface for an airport among their mountainous region so they decided to create one. This airport was not easy to build. Workers had to blow up up the mountain tops with dynamites to create this unique runway that spreads across 65 hilltops and 23 gullies. There will only be one terminal in the sky and it will serve a maximum of three flights per hour.

The airport cost GBP 85 million to build and will start operating on August 18. It will be a transit hub for travellers transiting from central China to the south. The next time you intend to go across China, you might want to give this airport a try.

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