6 Photographic Proof of The Devil’s Existence

6 Photographic Proof of The Devil’s Existence

The devil exists, there is no doubt about it. If you need to see it for yourself, here are 6 photographs to prove his existence.

We suggested that you Stand At The Door to Hell While You’re Still Alive as a proof of the Devil’s existence. Now we have further proof with our 5 new findings.

1. The Door to Hell

The area outside of Darvaz in Uzbekistan was a gas-mining camp that fell into a sinkhole. The Russians feared that the poisonous gas would be discharged and decided to do what they thought was “best” by setting a sinkhole full of gas on fire, hoping that the gas will run dry. Unfortunately, the gas has yet to run dry and the sinkhole is still on fire till this day.

2. The Gate to Hell

Located in the Republic of Yakutia, in the city of Mirny, there is a terrifying hole – an open quarry 525m deep and 1.2km wide, it might have very well been created by those who sold their souls to the devil for the diamonds lying deep in the earth. Despite being located just next to a city, the creators of this hell did not care much and abandoned this place once all the riches were gone. It seems that they did the devil a favour by digging an entrance to hell at the same time.

3. The Rage of The Devil

The rage of the devil exploded at this chemical factory in the Netherlands. The plant was burned to the grounds and toxic fumes were released. Surprisingly, the devil spared the people and no one was injured.

4. The Entrance to hell

The entrance to hell is a vast, snaking maze of caverns bathed in fire. This is Fort Zverev, which is located in Russia. A napalm-like substance was stored in the base of the fort, which burns at temperatures of over 2000 degrees. In the 1970s, a fire which broke out in the fort spread to this very basement, and lasted for several weeks. The resulting inferno burned so hot that it melted the bricks of the walls and ceiling such that they ran down like icicles. What could this be but the work of the devil?

5. The Earth is Bleeding

Image credits: Earthsky.org

There is a place called Blood Falls in Antarctica. Cast aside from the rest of the world, the the water that feeds Blood Falls is also void of sunlight and oxygen. The red waterfall is nearly five stories high and flows out of the tongue of the Taylor Glacier.

6. Creatures of the Devil

The Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko looks like the devil’s creation. It looks like it has travelled through the inferno and came back out, burned but alive. Isolated on the island of Madagascar, the creature is so small, only about two to five inches long, it should be harmless. We certainly hope so, just in case, we might want to stay away from it.

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