Where to Go for the Best Halal Food in Shanghai

Where to Go for the Best Halal Food in Shanghai

Are you one of those who always bring an extra pack of instant noodles just so you won't go hungry without food in China? Here's a good news, there's an easier way to locate the nearest Halal restaurant!

During my recent trip to Shanghai, I managed to explore the city and hunt for halal food. With the help from google map, I had the opportunity to try out a few nice Chinese halal food during my stay. Actually there are plenty of halal food around Shanghai, the question is how to find it.

I’m sharing some tips on how to find halal food while you are in Shanghai or other parts of China.

1) Google about halal food in Shanghai. Most of the websites and blogs will give you the name of the restaurants and their addresses. Usually the listed ones are popular or big restaurants.

2) Use Zabihah.com , either on the web or the mobile app. There are about 20+ halal restaurant in Shanghai being listed there.

3) Use google map. This is the most effective way. You can google halal food or muslim food but the results are not much. The best way is to google “清真 shanghai” which means halal shanghai. You will be surprised by the results. It includes all the small halal stalls. Just look at the image below.

halal map

Here are some of the restaurants that I tried during my stay there.

Xinbada Xinjiang Restaurant

Located in Pudong area, one block away from 1st Yaohan Building in Zhangyang road. The building is actually a food hall. This restaurant is situated on the 3rd floor. It serves Xinjiang food. The Xinjiang Big Plate chicken taste nice, better than the one I tried in Guangzhuo before. However the price here is quite expensive. The Xinjiang Big Plate itself costs about RMB68 (around SGD13).



the interior of the restaurant




Xinjiang Big Plate

Beef Noodle shop near Yuyuan Garden

Actually I don’t know the exact name of this stall since it’s written in Chinese. Located just a few minutes away from Yuyuan Garden area and the mosque, this is just a small stall and that specialises in beef noodle. The menu is written in Chinese, but they have a wall showing the photos so I just ordered via the photos. I did not try the beef noodle here, but I tried the friend lamb plus the fried rice. The lamb costs RMB40 (SGD8) and is in quite a big serving.


beef noodle stall

the menu


fried lamb

Pleasant Smill Beef Noodle

I found this shop by coincident while walking from Nanjing road towards the Bund area. This shop doesn’t have any photos on it’s wall and the menu is purely written in Chinese. The beef noodle here is marvellous and it only costs RMB10 (SGD 2) per bowl. Oh, they don’t serve any drinks here, so you might need to get your drinks elsewhere after the meal.



menu in full chinese


the delicious beef noodle

Qian Wei Ramen

This shop is situated in front of Radison Blu hotel in Pudong. It is just 5 minutes walk from the IBIS Lianyang hotel, the place I stayed at. It serves Xinjiang food. The lamb shashlik here is delicious. We also ordered the fried rice plus some ginger beef. Price is reasonable. One lamb shashlik cost only RMB3 (SGD0.6).



the interior




lamb shashlik


chinese fried rice

Location Map

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