Google Flights Price Guarantee Will Get You Flights for the Lowest Price

Google Flights’ Price Guarantee Will Get You Flights for the Lowest Price

The feature only applies to select flights for now.

Tired of hunting for flight deals? Google Flights’ new feature is expected to make booking air tickets easier on your schedule and wallet. Available on select flights, the Google Flights price guarantee promises to help users find the lowest flight price — or refund the difference! In fact, users can get refunds of up to US$500 per calendar year (if the fare drops between the booking and departure of their first flight). 

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Which flights are under Google Flights’ price guarantee?

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As the price guarantee is still a pilot program, it can only be used when the country/region setting is in the United States and the currency is in U.S. dollars. Also, users must be logged into a Google Account and have a U.S. address and phone number. 

Plus, flights covered by the guarantee include roundtrip and one-way trips originating in the U.S. (Not all flights from the U.S. are under the guarantee, however.) Google will display a badge icon, which looks like a shield with a dollar sign on it, when it is certain that the flight price is currently at its lowest. Look out for the badge icon to score flight deals with Google. 

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Google Flights’ price guarantee badge icon

How do I receive a refund from Google Flights?

First, you will need a Google Pay account. The account has to belong to a U.S. user 18-years-old or above with a U.S. phone number. This account should be the same one you use to book the flight. 

After you’ve booked a flight with the price guarantee badge, Google will monitor flight prices until the first departure. If the fare drops by more than US$5, the difference will be deposited into your Google Pay account. You’ll also get an email informing you of the price drop. 

To see the refund, click on the Explore tab in Google Pay. The money will appear as part of your rewards. 

What terms and conditions apply to Google Flights’ Price Guarantee?

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Naturally, many terms and conditions would apply to such a bold promise. To start with, Google Pay has to be set up within 90 days of the first flight departure on your Google Flight itinerary. Next, you need to book your tickets through Google Flights and remember to check the box beside the “price guarantee” before payment. 

Airfares may fluctuate quickly so the price guarantee does not apply if the airline updates prices faster than they load on Google Flights. Google caps refunds at US$500 per calendar year for a total of three bookings made through Google Flights. Lastly, you won’t get the difference back if your flight is cancelled or rescheduled, and if you change or cancel any part of your trip. 

What is special about Google Flights Price Guarantee?


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Many travel sites and airlines offer price guarantees and refund you the difference if you find a better deal. However, Google Flights monitors prices for you while other organisations typically require you to search for a lower price on your own. The refund is made to your Google Account automatically so you won’t even have to ask for it. Best of all, the price guarantee feature is free; no additional fee is required to use it. 

With borders opening and air travel ramping up, Google Flights price guarantee has come at the right time. But if you live outside the U.S., don’t be too disappointed. Google Flights product manager Jade Kessler has stated that the company “want[s] to expand this program to cover as many flights as [they] can. They’re currently “exploring different options for how to make that work.” 

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Hopefully, Google’s price guarantee will soon cover more flights around the world. Non-U.S. travellers on a budget will have to hunt for flight deals the old-fashioned way for now. 

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