Asia’s First Gold in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Is Singapore’s Yip Pin Xiu

Asia’s First Gold Medalist in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Is Singapore’s Yip Pin Xiu

We're proud of you, Pin Xiu!

We couldn’t be happier about the news that Singaporean swimmer Yip Pin Xiu bagged the first gold among Asian athletes in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. On 25 Aug 2021, Yip Pin Xiu won and retained her gold medal in the 100m backstroke swimming competition. Japan’s Miyuki Yamada came second place, while Mexico’s Fabiola Ramirez came third. 

According to The Straits Times, Yip Pin Xiu had been feeling a lot of nerves prior to the Paralympics because the pandemic has prevented her, along with many athletes, from the regular training that she was accustomed to. But she managed to conquer her fears and anxiety with flying colours in an emotional victory.

“To be able to be on the podium once more has been exceptional. I think I haven’t really digested a lot of things but maybe if you speak to me after the medal ceremony…You see me weeping and crying. Yeah, but it’s been phenomenal,” she told The Straits Times. Her overflowing emotions were punctuated when she couldn’t hold back tears as the Singaporean flag rose above the Japanese and Mexican flag in the medal ceremony. 

This is actually Yip Pin Xiu’s fourth Paralympic gold medal; she began her Paralympic career in 2008 in the Beijing Paralympics. She’s among the most consistent Singaporean athletes as she continues to prove that she’s one of, if not the best Paralympic swimmer 13 years on. 

Pin Xiu’s Tokyo Paralympic journey doesn’t end here. She’s set to defend her world record once again in the 50m backstroke on 2 Sept, Tuesday. However, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong already went ahead and gave his congratulations to the Singaporean out of pure joy. “Pin Xiu, Singapore is proud of you, and you inspire all of us!,” the prime minister said on social media. 

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Indeed, Singapore is off to a great start. Fingers crossed that the Little Red Dot will make even more massive waves during the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. Any bets on the next Asian gold medalist so far? Drop us a comment on our Facebook page!

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