What's Your Travel Personality? Take This Quiz To Find Out Today!

What’s Your Travel Personality? Take This Quiz To Find Out Today!

Sometimes there are vacations that don't work out and sometimes there are. Make sure you travel with the right people for a smashing vacation!

Curious about what kind of traveller you are? Well, here’s a fun and simple quiz you can take to determine your travel personality! Maybe you’ll learn something new about yourself, or get an epiphany on why your past trip with that travel buddy didn’t work out.

And if you’re currently in the midst of planning a vacation with your family, friends and loved ones – why not share this quiz with them too? Here we go!

1. Which of the following do you prefer?

2. Pick your ideal travel outfit

3. What is your ideal weekend activity?

4. What is your must-have travel accessory?

5. Which is your favourite season?

6. How long in advance do you book your flight?

7. How long in advance do you book your hotel?

8. How do you choose the perfect hotel to stay in?

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*T&C’s apply.


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Carissa Ng

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