7 New Exciting Airports & Airport Experiences in Asia This 2019 and beyond

7 New Exciting Airports & Airport Experiences in Asia This 2019 and Beyond

Let’s face it: That eight-hour layover you were dreading is starting to look a whole lot more appealing with these stunning new airport projects in Asia.

Picturing airports as stuffy, crowded travel spaces are a thing of the past.

Today, with an unprecedented surge in travellers, cities around the globe are designing new airports and breathing new life into their existing terminals. Beyond catering to the growing numbers of commercial passengers, these upgrades are also meant to make the whole travel experience, well, fun.

Case in point? Singapore Changi Airport’s latest flashy gem, the Jewel — an impressive multi-purpose space connecting all its terminals. It not only boasts of an inexhaustible array of retail, shopping, and entertainment features but will also house the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

Elsewhere in Asia, particularly in populous and popular cities like Mumbai and Beijing, airports are also being given a facelift through expansions, upgraded railway services to the city, and more. From Ho Chi Minh City’s Long Thanh Airport to Beijing’s new Daxing International, we’ve rounded up seven of the most exciting new airports and airport terminals in Asia and Asia-Pacific that we can’t wait to fly into this 2019.

1. Istanbul New Airport, Istanbul

Poised to become the world’s largest airport when completed in 2028, Istanbul’s new airport sprawls over a cavernous 823 million square feet, featuring several terminals, six runways, over 500 check-in desks, and even an “airport city”.

Replacing the older Atatürk Airport, this new mega-airport is designed to cater to over 200 million passengers a year and will open in four phases — the first being said to be fully operational by end of 2018. A few highlights? Expect smart technology features like biometric screening, the world’s biggest Duty-Free shop, and even a “Magic Mirror” app, which lets passengers try clothes and makeup from its 400-something retail brands before purchase.

2. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

A spanking new terminal and an immersive airport experience — can we expect any less from the world’s favourite airport? Hot on the heels of its recently launched Terminal 4, which opened its doors earlier in 2017, the new Terminal 5 is scheduled to be ready in the mid-2020s. This will increase its capacity to handle another 50 million annual passengers.

Besides T5, it’s also eagerly working on the opening of its new Jewel, an impressive glass multi-purpose area that connects the existing terminals with shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities for both passengers and visitors alike. Get this: It will also be home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, which you’ll be able to marvel at when it officially opens in 2019.

3. Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai

Better known as Dubai World Central (DWC), the Al Maktoum International Airport in downtown Dubai will house five runways, three airport terminals, and will also be home to the Emirates fleets. If you found the walking distances in the Dubai International Airport (DXB) airport exhausting, here’s great news: The new terminal is designed to have shorter walking distances for passengers. There will also be a high-speed railway that leads directly to Dubai’s centre.

The airport, which will serve over 160 million passengers each year once completed, is part of a larger cluster of developments that include the Dubai Logistics City (DLC), Aviation City, and Golf City, among others.

4. Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing

Image credit: Zaha Hadid Architects

Slated to open in late 2019, Beijing’s Daxing International Airport is tipped to become one of the world’s largest airports. Located on the outskirts of Beijing, it will have four runways, over 250 parking bays, and a high-speed railway that connects to Beijing. By the time it comes to fruition, it’ll be able to accommodate over 100 million passengers, relieving strain on the overcrowded Beijing Capital International Airport.

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Image credit: Zaha Hadid Architects

5. Long Thanh International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City

Expected to open in 2025, the Long Thanh International Airport will also ease the strain in of its slightly outdated and cramped existing airport. Located an estimated 40 kilometres to the east of the city, construction of the new airport will begin in 2021 and is set to be built for a capacity of 100 million passengers annually. You can expect to fly into Saigon at this new airport in 2025 so mark your calendars!

new airport experiences asia

Image credit: Long Thanh International Airport

6. Navi Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai

The Navi Mumbai International Airport will be the city’s second international airport and is expected to be fully complete by 2032. It’s designed by acclaimed London-based firm Zaha Hadid Architects, with construction officially kicking off earlier in October. No doubt, it’s a project that is a long time coming, too, considering the surge in passengers arriving in Mumbai’s existing Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’s over the decade.

7. Western Sydney Airport, Sydney

The construction of Sydney’s second international airport at Badgerys Creek officially started in September this year. With a whopping $5.6billion invested by the Australian government, the new airport is expected to open in 2026. It’s located approximately 27 miles from the city and is intended to ease the strain on the existing airport.

Image credit: Western Sydney Airport Official Facebook Page

So, there you have it: all the major openings in commercial airports within Asia in the next years. Sleek, larger than ever, and brimming with delightful retail spots and entertainment features, even that late-night eight-hour layover you were dreading might start to look appealing…

Now, which gleaming new Asian airport will you be flying into this 2019?

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