Winner: HomeAway

Travelling often pushes us to go beyond our comfort zone and sometimes it even leads us to homesickness. That’s why it’s important to choose an accommodation that will make you feel right at home — and you won’t always get that in hotels! Vacation rentals are the next if not the best option to feel utmost comfort in a new environment.

Enter HomeAway, the best vacation rental company that deeply connects travellers to their dream destinations. HomeAway has properties in 190 countries where homeowners generously put their places for rent to provide the most restful experience to travellers from around the world. With the simple joys of everyday life found in fully furnished houses, cabins, apartments, and beach houses, tourists can come home to a place of quality they can treat as their own after an action-packed day.

With millions of bookings each month, HomeAway has surely earned our stamp of approval in providing travellers with unique and reasonably-priced abodes. Find a haven in your dream destination now with HomeAway!