TripZilla Excellence Awards 2018

Winner: Rafting New Zealand

Home to Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand has high standards when it comes to adrenaline activities. After all, this is the country that gave birth to bungy jumping, jet boating, and also zorbing, the sport which sees participants strapped in a giant ball and rolling down the hill.

Within this mind-boggling array of activities for thrill-seekers, one stands out for offering journeys for varying comfort levels — and that is Rafting New Zealand. The 14-kilometre stretch along the Tongariro River through 60 rapids and a volcanic gorge gives enough euphoric rush for most people, but if that’s not enough, you could take to the extreme and tackle the Grade 5 Wairoa River. The adrenaline surge is pretty much guaranteed.

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41 Ngawaka Place, Turangi, New Zealand
+64 7 386 0352