TripZilla Excellence Awards 2018

Winner: FWD

There's nothing more important than ensuring that your travels are insured; you never know what might happen! However, instead of simply purchasing any insurance plan just for the sake of getting one, why not check out FWD Insurance? With a promise of wide coverage and a hassle-free claiming process, FWD Insurance's travel insurance plans pretty much speak for themselves and it's not hard to see why.

With unlimited medical evacuation cover, sports equipment protection and haze delay coverage, on top of a suite of add-ons tailored to your trip, you can be assured that your travel experience will stay smooth and stress-free! In addition, bid farewell to lengthy waits and multiple emails; with FWD you can get your personal travel insurance quote in 10 seconds online (yes, just 10!), and enjoy better coverage at affordable premiums.

That's not all! To ensure that you are covered fully, FWD Insurance even extends their coverage to 48 hours after you return home in case of any illness or medical conditions. Kick back, relax and enjoy your trip – absolutely worry-free. Get insured with FWD Insurance here!

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