"Even the Dead are No Longer Safe Here" - 6 Popular Beach Destinations Sinking

“Even the Dead are No Longer Safe Here” – 6 Popular Beach Destinations Sinking

Atlantis will soon become a reality! Rising sea levels have put popular beach destinations like the Maldives at jeopardy. Who knows when the next island will sink?

Global warming has really done it this time. We seem to be losing more and more of our beautiful islands each year. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA, the sea level has risen by over 20cm since 1870. My dear friend Angela has already talked about potential cities disappearing, what about our islands? No more strolling along warm, sandy beaches or watching the horizon dip into water. This sounds terrible, but it gets even worse.

There are large numbers of people living on these islands and a new Atlantis means these people are forced to find new homes. To give a simplified view, here are all the islands and the number of people who are going to have to relocate these coming few decades!

Now that we’ve seen the numbers, why not take a closer look at the islands? Some of these islands like the Maldives are star beach destinations people love to go to. Perhaps its time to take a quick vacation before your favourite islands go down under.

1. Kiribati

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According to president Anote Tong of Kiribati, “the tides have already reached our homes and villages”. Already, more than half of Kiribati’s population have relocated to Tarawa. It doesn’t seem like Kiribati is going to survive the waves much longer.

2. Maldives

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The Maldives is the lowest nation on the planet. All 1100 islands are at an average of 1.3m above sea level! If it rises even slightly over a metre, inhabitants will be forced to leave. Not a happy story here either.

3. Seychelles

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The hotel porters and maids have much to worry about! It has been predicted that in just a few years time, the water will rise so high, it will be sloshing about within the hotel itself. Seychelles is a beautiful island, famous for its coral reefs. Definitely a place to go to before it goes down under!

4. Tuvalu

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The highest point in this country is less than 5 metres above sea level! Most of its land is just about a metre above. The Prime Minister understands that the threat of climate change but feels that the rising seas are a “slow and insidious form of terrorism against us”.

5. Micronesia

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A lovely place, Micronesia has some of the best low-lying coral sights in the world. Unfortunately, the sea is even taking this away from us. A man was found standing in shin-deep water. It’s grounds were once home to a Micronesian cemetery. Micronesia’s UN Ambassador mournfully told ABC News that “Even the dead are no longer safe in my country.”

6. Solomon Islands

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Perhaps the saddest story yet, the Solomon Islands are the islands with the largest amount of people living on it. Researchers have been closely monitoring the islands but nothing can help the slowly sinking islands now. It is however a beautiful place and worth a visit. At least when you’re old, you can say you’ve been to Atlantis!

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