Eastern Europe Should Be Your Next Travel Destination, And Here’s Why...

Eastern Europe Should Be Your Next Travel Destination, And Here’s Why…

Eastern Europe is underrated, gorgeous, and most importantly, budget-friendly.

I bet you’ve always thought of Eastern Europe as that poor corner of Europe, full of oddly dressed people that speak Russian. Well, 25 years have passed since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the region has gone through some important transformations. Maybe you should think about planning your vacation there so you get acquainted with the new vibe of the place.

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Here’s just some reasons why you should go there:

It’s cheap to travel around

You won’t find cheaper prices for services or goods anywhere else in Europe. The moment you’ll land in Warsaw or Bucharest, you’ll suddenly feel rich – everything from taxi and hotel fares to pretzels costs way less than their Western equivalent. You can go on a city break to Cracow or Budapest without spending more than 100 euros for 3 days, everything included.  

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Bucharest, Romania | Image credit: Nico Trinkhaus

The people are warm and friendly

Say what you want about Eastern Europeans, but not that they’re not friendly. Hikers have tales about locals inviting them in their homes to spend the night or to just have lunch, while trekking through Slovakia and Romania. People are generally open and love hearing about different cultures, but will also teach you a bit of about the local language and customs.

Prague, Czech Republic | Image credit: Pithawat Vachiramon

The nightlife is amazing

On a usual Saturday, in places like Bucharest, for example, lots of people will go out and have fun in the city’s Old Town area, where you can find establishments for all tastes. Some of the biggest nightclubs in Europe can be found in countries like Poland or Romania. But also some of the most beautiful women on the continent. You’ll always be in for an excellent night out in Eastern Europe.

Warsaw, Poland | Image credit: Alexander Baxevanis

There’s a lot of history and culture to experience

Did you know that Dracula is from Eastern Europe? Or that the first constitution in the world was written in Poland? There you go: just two examples about the rich history surrounding the region. There are a lot of castles to see, a lot of villages to discover, a lot of wine to taste and lots of museums to visit in the region. Not to mention the Communist heritage that some people see for the first time in their lives, in places such as Warsaw or Prague.

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Bratislava, Slovakia | Image credit: Hey Explorer

The atmosphere is unique

Finally, probably the top reason why you should take the time and visit Eastern Europe is the fact that the vibe surrounding the place is really unique. 50 years of Communism have shaped the place, but the classical heritage has not been forgotten. Therefore, it’s all a big mélange of cultures, languages and colors. You can see the Soviet cross and shackle, the Turkish semi-moon and the Austrian crown in the same city (in some places, on the same street, even) – that’s a picture that you really won’t forget.

If you’re ready, like you should be now, take your time to peruse some of these affordable travel deals to Eastern Europe.

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