Durian Chicken Hot Pot: The Craziest Durian (or Chicken) Recipe Ever

Durian Chicken Hot Pot: The Craziest Durian (or Chicken) Recipe Ever

I dare you to try the world's stinkiest hot pot!

While haters gonna hate (like literally), heads up my fellow durian-loving buddies: with this killer dish made of our favourite king of all tropical fruits, you and I are going to save (and spend) so much more for the upcoming durian season!

durian chicken hot potImage credit: The Food Ranger

If there is one ingredient to associate durian with, I am sure a chicken hot pot is at the bottom of the list, if not the last thing on earth that you’d ever have imagined. Yet, it seems pretty normal to indulge yourself with the world’s stinkiest hot pot in Guangzhou, China. Someone please get the Chinese chef a trophy for his or her astonishing creativity!

This mind-blowing combination of durian and chicken hot pot was unearthed by Trevor James aka The Food Ranger in his recent Youtube video dated 19 March 2016. The courageous food ranger is a durian lover himself, and is determined to eat as much delicious Chinese food as he can during his stay in the country. I’d say he found the best!

According to Trevor and his host in China, the hot pot pleased their tastebuds with a smooth blend of durian and chicken. Despite it being a little oily, ‘This is amazing!’ and ‘This is awesome!’ are still the two most repeated phrases throughout the video.

The hot pot is a little pricey considering the higher grade durian like Maoshanwang or fox king durian was not involved, a pot with an extra 500g serving of durian (RMB88/SGD18) came up to a bill of RMB303 (SGD64) as per the video. But who are we kidding, it’s durian after all so SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Check out the video here:

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