20 Inspiring Photos That Might Just Make You Visit Croatia Someday

20 Inspiring Photos That Might Just Make You Visit Croatia Someday

Scenic hilltop villages, coastal towns and beautiful national parks. Croatia deserves to be your next travel destination.

Not typically included in the “travel wish lists” of non-Europeans, Croatia is one of those less-known European countries that has the means to make every visitor fall in love. That’s not an overstatement. Just try to find someone who’s spent a vacation in Croatia and didn’t absolutely love it.

Even though this is a relatively undiscovered destination—the number of tourists is increasing, though, now that Croatia is a member of the European Union—it is home to some of Europe’s most impressive attractions.

Chock-full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Croatia has a long and rich history. A Catholic bulwark, an independent nation, part of former Yugoslavia, the history of Croatia is worth exploring during your visit. This is the place where you can visit phenomenal historic cities such as Roman-founded Split, medieval Sibenik and dazzling Dubrovnik.

In the far north-west lies the Istrian peninsula, a region that is as much Italian as it is Croatian. Once, it was, in fact, a part of Italy. This is still clearly visible in the region’s architecture and, for linguists, hearable in the local dialect. It’s said that the Istrian dialect sounds more like old Venetian than the current Venetian dialect does! This region is arguably the most charming of the entire country. Home to impossibly picturesque coastal towns and scenic hilltop villages, vineyards and truffle forests, Istria is a touristic treasure trove.

And then, there’s Croatia’s nature. From the pebble beaches in Dalmatia to the inland Dinaric Alps, from the Adriatic islands to thick forests, Croatia is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. There are eight national parks in the country, all beautiful and worth exploring.

However, if you like waterfalls—who doesn’t?—there are two parks you should focus on. Krka National Park lies within easy driving distance from both Zadar and Sibenik and allows you to swim underneath one of Croatia’s most spectacular falls. The star attraction, though, is Plitvice Lakes National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site protects a number of terraced lakes that flow into one another through countless waterfalls.

If you’re still not convinced that Croatia is a place you really should visit, just take a look at the 20 photos below. They’ll do the job!

1. Banje Beach in Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s most scenic beaches

2. Boardwalks crisscross Plitvice Lakes National Park, giving visitors close-up looks at the many waterfalls

3. Old church and square in Motovun, Istria

4. Azure water and barren hills on the Dalmatian coast

5. Rovinj is one of the most photogenic towns on the Adriatic coast

6. People swimming underneath Skradinski Buk in Krka National Park

7. Diocletian’s Palace in Split was founded by Roman Emperor Diocletian and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

8. Warm sunset on the waterfront in Zadar

9. Boats bobbing in the harbour of Rovinj, Istria

10. Big Waterfall, one of the major attractions in Plitvice Lakes National Park

11. Dalmatian singers in the historic centre of Split

12. Motovun sits atop a hill in rural Istria

13. The Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik is Europe’s largest building made entirely of stone

14. Perfect holiday: beer on the beach in Dubrovnik

15. Local artists selling their work in Zadar

16. Olive oils, vinegar and wines in Istria

17. One of many charming streets in the old town of Rovinj

18. The Dubrovnik City Walls are one of the absolute highlights in all of Croatia

19. Stone street in the medieval heart of Sibenik

20. Characteristic waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park

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