Remote Workers Are Now Welcome to Operate in Dubai for One Year!

Remote Workers Are Now Welcome to Operate in Dubai for One Year!

Working in Dubai might not feel like work at all if you think about it.

In light of the growing demand for and the surge of work-from-home setups, there are a few nations that have already jumped on the trend and opened their borders to remote workers who might be interested in being based abroad long-term. This, of course, is an attempt by the inviting country to revive its tourism little by little and to help its economy recover. This month, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) follows the example of countries like Georgia and Thailand in offering a one-year virtual working programme in Dubai

According to the official Dubai tourism website, remote workers can now mix business with pleasure by applying for a special long-term permit not only for them but also for their families, should they wish to bring their loved ones with them to Dubai.

Things to know about Dubai’s new programme for remote workers

  • The virtual working programme is valid for one whole year.
  • The remote worker and his/her family will get access to telecoms, utilities, and schooling options.
  • The permit will cost US$287 (S$389.39); it will also cost medical insurance with valid UAE coverage that has a processing fee per person.
  • Applicants will need a passport with a minimum of six months validity, health insurance with UAE coverage validity, proof of employment from his/her current employer with a one-year contract validity, a minimum of US$5,000 (S$6,783.80) monthly salary, last months’ payslip, and bank statements of the three preceding months.
  • Business owners will have to present proof of ownership of their companies. 
  • The payment of the processing fee doesn’t guarantee approval of the application.

The UAE has done an impressive job in containing the coronavirus and providing citizens with the medical support they need. As of writing, the UAE has 118,000 cases with 110,000 recoveries and 470 deaths. Through Dubai’s efforts to keep its locals safe and healthy, the city was awarded a ‘Safe Travels’ stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). 

Should you find yourself in Dubai soon, expect hotels, restaurants, and even theme parks to be open. What’s more, the city is ideal for remote workers as it offers various co-working spaces that feature weekly to quarterly reservations. 

So, what do you think, remote workers? Dubai sounds like a promising place to be at a time like this!

News sourced from Visit Dubai official website. 


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