All the Covid-19 measures in Singapore (Updated: 27 March 2020)

All the Covid-19 measures in Singapore (Updated: 27 March 2020)

A comprehensive summary of the various measures Singapore has in place to slow down Covid-19 infections.

Singapore has left no stones unturned to combat the deadly coronavirus as it continues to ravage the world. The government has implemented a slew of measures to mitigate the risk of imported cases and hinder the transmission of the virus to protect Singaporeans. Following, is a summary of all the Covid-19 measures in Singapore.

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#1. 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN)

All Singaporeans, permanent residents, long-term pass holders and short term visitors entering Singapore will be issued a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN). They will have to provide details of the place where they will serve the 14-day SHN; for example a hotel booking covering the entire period, or a place of residence they or their family members own. Those returning from U.K. and the U.S. are required to serve their 14-day SHN at an allocated hotel.

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#2. Five-day Medical Leave

Patients who have acute respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and runny nose, and are administered a five-day MC by a medical practitioner, must not leave their homes starting on the day the MC is issued except to seek medical attention. Those who flout the five-day sick leave will be liable to a fine of up to $10,000 or up to a six-month imprisonment, or both.

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#3. Closure of Entertainment Spots

Bars and entertainment venues, such as nightclubs, discos, cinemas, theatres and karaoke outlets, will be closed until April 30. The closure might be extended if the situation does not ameliorate. 

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#4. Social Distancing

There should at least be one metre of physical space between patrons, including at queues and waiting areas, which will be prominently marked on the floor. They will be encouraged to utilise self-checkouts, cashless or contactless payment, to speed up payments and reduce cash-handling. Additionally, patrons must use alternate seats at places with fixed seating. 

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#5. Smaller Gatherings

Social gatherings such as birthday parties and weddings should not involve more than 10 persons at any time. In the event of a wake or funeral, the government urges Singaporeans to minimise social interactions, even though family and friends would want to pay their last respects. This is one of the more difficult Covid-19 measures in Singapore that’s hard to adjust to, but we have to pull through.

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#6. Event Cancellation and Deferment

All events and mass gatherings (e.g. conferences, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, sporting events, trade fairs) must be deferred or cancelled, regardless of size. Similarly, activities that encourage a large group of people to congregate in public spaces such, as busking or live music performances must be stopped, on top of organised tours in public venues (e.g., sightseeing or guided walking tours).

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#7. Closure of Education & Childcare Centres

All centre-based tuition and enrichment classes will be halted so as to reduce the chances of students from different schools mingling with one another. Besides that, common amenities such as infant and children’s play areas or playgrounds, both indoors and outdoors will be closed to enhance the safety of juveniles. 

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#8. Suspension of Religious Activities

All religious services and congregations will be suspended. Places of worship may remain open for private worship and essential rites, subject to group sizes of 10 persons or fewer at any one time. As such, mosques will remain closed and all weekly Friday prayers will be suspended until further notice. 

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#9. Supermarket Purchase Limits

FairPrice, Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, will continue to impose purchasing limits for paper products, canned food, frozen poultry and cooking oil to prevent over-buying and ensure that customers will continue to have access to essential products. For instance, customers can only purchase two packs of paper products, six canned food and five litres of cooking oil within one transaction.

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#10. Work-From-Home Arrangements

Employers are required to place their employees on work-from-home arrangements wherever possible, especially for vulnerable employees such as older workers, pregnant women and those with pre-existing medical conditions. For roles which require staff to return to the place of work, employers should ensure wider physical spacing of at least one metre for workstations and seats in meeting rooms, pantries, rest areas and other assembly points. They should also consider staggered working hours, enhance shift arrangements, defer non-critical work events and scale down critical activities.

On top of all the measures, Singaporeans must play their part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within the region by exercising good personal hygiene, social responsibility, and safe distancing. 

For updates on the latest measures, members of the public are advised to refer to the Ministy Of Health website.

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