Changi Airport: A New Slide Brings You Straight to Your Boarding Gate

Changi Airport Slide Brings You Straight to Your Boarding Gate

This slide is among the latest iconic attractions in Changi Airport.

Looking for some fun before you fly? Singapore‘s Changi Airport has recently unveiled a new tubular slide in Terminal 4 that brings visitors directly to their boarding gate. Located in Terminal 4’s Departure Hall, the slide has been well-received by visitors, placing it in the ranks of Changi Airport’s best attractions.

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What’s the Changi Airport slide?

With the slide snaking downwards into the transit area, visitors may take the slide straight to their boarding gates upon scanning their boarding pass for entry. But keep in mind that not everyone can get access to this particular airport feature: Visitors must be between 1.1 to 2 metres tall to ride this slide.

The slide in Terminal 4 is the newest slide addition to Changi Airport, which has a larger existing slide in Terminal 3. Terminal 3 currently offers the world’s tallest slide within an airport — a 12-metre-high slide that takes visitors from Level 1 to Basement 3 of the terminal. The Terminal 3 slide requires visitors to be between 1.3 to 2 metres tall and is exclusively for the use of Changi Rewards members. Visitors may sign up to be a Changi Rewards member by spending S$10 at any restaurant or retail store in Changi Airport.

Featured image credit: Changi Airport Official Website

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