Coffee Delivery Singapore: 5 Cafes to Order From To Get Your Caffeine Fix

5 Cafes in Singapore That Will Deliver A Cup of Coffee to Your Doorstep

Bookmark this compilation for when you could use a pick-me-up!

Drinking coffee boasts a plethora of benefits – from providing an energy boost to aiding your weight loss efforts. It’s no surprise that this liquid refreshment is one of the world’s most consumed beverages. While we embrace the new work from home norm, getting your hands on a good cup of joe may be limited to a traditional Kopi-O (from the hawker centre a stone’s throw away). But, what about those days your refined coffee palate crave for more? Coffee aficionados, rejoice! We have put together a list of coffee delivery services in Singapore that will deliver a cup of java brewed by baristas to your doorstep – simply with a touch of a button. Bookmark this compilation for when you could use a pick-me-up!

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1. The Coffee Academics Singapore

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A fix from this purveyor and roaster of specialty coffee will leave you wanting more. This is because no stone is left unturned to prepare the perfect cup of joe. The baristas at this renowned cafe have fine-tuned the science of coffee brewing and you can taste it in every sip. With a penchant for travel and a love affair with coffee, the brainchild behind The Coffee Academics has curated a comprehensive menu. From the classics like espresso and latte to the signatures like Okinawa and Java, we guarantee there’s something for every coffee lover.

Delivery: Available on Deliveroo, FoodPanda and GrabFood

2. Atlas Coffeehouse

Image credit: Atlas Coffeehouse

If you fancy a decadently creamy coffee, you won’t go wrong with the Milky Way (cold white brew) at Atlas Coffeehouse. Or, you can pare it down with the The Cosmos (black cold brew) or Match Warrior (matcha cold brew). The bottled brews made in-house are a specialty at this quaint cafe nestled in Bukit Timah. With a shelf life of three days, you can purchase a few bottles at a go to get a bang for your buck. We would also recommend trying the filtered coffees as they bring prominence to the intricate flavours of the coffee beans. Also, you can choose the filter coffee origin to suit your taste. 

Delivery: Available on Deliveroo and GrabFood

3. % Arabica

The latest buzz in town, % Arabica coffee has 60 stores scattered in 14 countries across the globe. It reached our shores sometime last year, in the heart of Arab Street. Despite the fact that seating capacity is limited in its various outlets, you can still savour the highly-anticipated coffee by availing yourself to delivery services.Try its signature drinks, like the Cafe Latte and Americano – available hot or iced. The product can either be a blend roast or a single origin roast depending on your proclivity. If you prefer a bolder and more robust flavour, opt for the single origin roast. The beans are sourced chiefly from Ethiopia, Brazil, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. You can even substitute full cream milk used in the coffees for soy, oat or almond milk at an additional $1. 

Delivery: Available on FoodPanda and GrabFood

4. Parallel

Image credit: Parallel

If you are one of those who can’t kickstart your day without a proper jolt of caffeine, Parallel is the solution. With its weekly or bi-weekly subscription plan, you won’t have to worry about making a perfect cup of coffee while struggling to cope with the demands of your work. This wallet-friendly option is one of the cheapest coffee delivery services in Singapore. It boasts a variety of choices from mocha cold brew to white cold brew. Best of all, you can mix and match them for more flavours. Also, those who are eco-conscious will be glad to know that the coffee is stored in recyclable PET bottles and they come with an additional 10% of cold brew free of charge. Brewed fresh everyday, they can last for 6 days (enough to get you through the work week). 

Delivery: Available on

5. Chye Seng Huat Hardware

If you are a true coffee lover, you may have already patronised Chye Seng Huat Hardware and gulped down a refreshing cup of java. This hipster haunt where you can fuel up with an assortment of coffee is faring well in Singapore’s buzzing coffee scene. If you haven’t paid this quaint cafe a visit, you can have the coffee delivered to you instead. Just an inkling on what you can expect on the menu – black cold brew (with notes of floral, citrus, earl grey tea and peach) and kiambu nyala (with notes of blackcurrant, red plum and black tea) to name a few. Trust us, the coffees exude unique flavours without any pronounced aftertastes. Even if you are looking to transition to black coffee, the switch will be smoother. 

Delivery: Available on GrabFood, FoodHood and Umai

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There you have it; a list of coffee delivery services in Singapore. Don’t forget to share this with all the coffee addicts you know!

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