Bring Your Friends to Eat Poop at the World’s First Toilet-themed Restaurant in Taiwan

Bring Your Friends to Eat Poop at the World’s First Toilet-themed Restaurant in Taiwan

Eat from a toilet bowl and drink from a urinal. Modern Toilet in Taiwan brings bizarre dining to a new level of fun!

Usually when we talk about out-of-this-world toilets, we would be talking about actual bathrooms in Japan. However, Taipei is giving Japan a run for its (toilet) money, as Taiwan’s capital is home to the world’s first toilet-themed restaurant. The food and toilet combination might be pretty disturbing at first and leaves you wondering what toilets have to do with food. In Taipei’s perhaps weirdest restaurant, these two go hand in hand.

Similarly to Japan, Taipei is home to a bizarre assortment of themed restaurants, such as Hello Kitty and Barbie restaurants. That said, a toilet-themed restaurant still sounds rather questionable – at first. Once you leave your prejudice behind, the experience can be quite remarkable, and definitely memorable.

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When walking through Taipei’s popular and youthful Ximen district, you simply need to look out for a giant toilet hanging outside on a building. As soon as you walk into the Modern Toilet Restaurant, you will be greeted with fancy toilets of different size, shape, and use.

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Toilets are literally everywhere. You will sit on one to start with. While your table is a re-functioned bathtub, many dishes will be served in mini versions of toilets in one form or another.

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Why do I want to eat out of a toilet?

Why do you want to eat with maids, Barbie dolls or Hello Kitty impersonators? Why do we dine in the dark, served by blind people? Why do we go to cat cafes with fur all over the place? Who knows? 

Once you forget about the perverted connotations associated with eating out of a toilet, you can actually enjoy the food. Let me be clear – the restaurant isn’t for depraved people; it just serves proper food to curious folks.

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One could go as far as comparing the toilet restaurant’s food to molecular gastronomy, which experiments with the physical and chemical transformations involved in the cooking process. The Modern Toilet places a huge emphasis on the presentation of food – you might be eating chocolate ice cream that has the exact shape of a stereotypical pile of dog shit.

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What’s on the menu?

Although you can get hot pot dishes served in a toilet bowl, don’t expect traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Neither will there be Michelin star food quality, as you would expect it from a molecular gastronomy restaurant. However, the food is decent enough to keep up with your ordinary pub and grub food. The attraction is clearly the toilet… what a surprise.

Some of the classic toilet-themed dishes include Toilet Chicken Curry, Toilet Curry Pork Chop, and Thai Toilet Pepper Chicken. You can also choose between varieties of hot pot style soups, such as Japanese, Korean, Sichuan, and vegetarian toilet pot. As all hot pots are served in very photographable toilets, they are clearly the favourites on the menu.

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As the toilet isn’t just an Asian phenomenon, the Modern Toilet also caters to Western tastes. Au Gratin variations come in a stylish bathtubs, while spaghetti are served on upside down toilet lids. The different dishes will cost you around NT 230–350 (SGD 10–15).

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Attention to the toilet detail

No matter what you will touch, see, or eat in this restaurant, it will be related to a toilet – starting with the dog shit shaped menu, all the way to washing your hands in actual toilets.

This bathroom-focused restaurant features an unbelievable amount of gimmicks and toilet decoration, almost reaching the Japanese ‘kawaii’ status. While the first impression might be tainted with disgust, the entire experience is actually quite enjoyable. One thing is for sure, if you have never taken pictures of your food before, you will definitely do it at the Modern Toilet – no one will believe you otherwise.

The first Modern Toilet restaurant was opened in 2004 and has since expanded to several outlets across Asia, including Hong Kong. There isn’t any in Singapore yet – but who knows what the future might bring. However, for obvious reasons the Modern Toilet isn’t a local hangout, but rather an attraction to Asian and Western tourists. That doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a visit. If outlandish food experiences are usually on your trip itinerary, then the Modern Toilet really should be on your list.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Address: 2F, No 7, Lane 50, Xining South Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Opening hours: 11.30am to 9pm
Closest MRT: Ximending MRT

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