The Breathtaking Splendour of Vietnam in Pictures

The Breathtaking Splendour of Vietnam in Pictures

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. This is how Vietnam steals our hearts over and over again.

Sobering past of war and unrest aside, Vietnam has grown into a beautiful nation, cultivating friendly and warm people in the process. The kind of resilience and silent determination that the country possesses is humbling and inspirational, to say the least.

At every turn, Vietnam seems to be like a picture caught on film, with a slight sepia tone to it. Although everything seems a little stuck in time, it has an unexplainable charm to it. The nation, even in its developing state, still somehow manages to steal our heart with its quaint streets and peaceful still waters.

When we least expect it, Vietnam steals hearts with…

1. Glorious sunsets

Image credit: Christopher Crouzet

Image credit: Matt Worthington

2. Lush green terrace landscapes

Image credit: Hoang Giang Hai

3. The aromatic coffee… Mmm…

Image credit: Peyman Zehtab Fard

Image credit: peace6x

4. Unassuming and friendly locals

Image credit: Staffan Scherz

Image credit: Aaron Ong

5. Still waters and pastel coloured skies

Image credit: Christopher Crouzet

6. Quaint buildings and their quintessential swan boats

Image credit: Aaron Ong

7. The all-time favourite Halong Bay

Image credit: Elena

8. Crafty creations, like these beautiful lanterns

Image credit: Ben

9. Crazy gorgeous sand dunes…

Image credit: Tyler Batty

10. …that surprise us with a rich lotus pond

Image credit: Anne Roberts

11. Crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkelling and diving

Image credit: Nguyen Hung Vu

12. Colorful incense sticks

Image credit: BizanceNCo

13. Intriguing limestone caves

Image credit: Aaron Ong

14. Colourful fishing boats

Image credit: Lucas Jans

15. And hardworking fishermen

Image credit: Kenneth Tan

16. Mystical ancient ruins

Image credit: Mark Turner

17. Bustling floating markets

Image credit: mulaohu

18. Villages on water

Image credit: Daniel Hoherd

19. Not forgetting, their scrumptious food – pho real.

Image credit: cyclonebill

Oh Vietnam, you’ve stolen our hearts. You’ve stolen it for good.

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