9 Bizarre Foods in Malaysia -- Can You Stomach Them All?

9 Bizarre Foods in Malaysia — Can You Stomach Them All?

When in Malaysia, try all these bizarre foods... if you dare!

Malaysia boasts of strong cultural influences, and this can be seen in its food preparations. If you are a brave heart and are open to trying all kinds of bizarre food, read on. While people out here are familiar with these food items, outsiders are generally awestruck. Let’s see if you add or check them off your wish list.

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1. Buffalo penis soup

Image credit: Capsun Poe

Yes, you heard that right. This pizzle or torpedo soup is considered to be an aphrodisiac and is supposedly good for the health of a man. The meat could be as long as two feet. It is sliced into smaller pieces and cooked as a stew. Only a reasonable quantity is added to each bowl.

2. Cow lung

Image credit: Yun Huang Yong

Heard of this before? Well, this dish is generally consumed fried and is commonly called paru or paru goreng. It is brushed with basic spices and garlic, and fried in oil. The best way of consuming it is to have it is as a side dish with nasi or rice.

3. Crispy honey bees

Image credit: pondhawk

Believed to be good sources of proteins, honey bees are fried or sautéed and eaten as a snack. Think of peanuts with chopped onions and lime. Bees as well as their larvae are had in this form. The meat tastes almost like chicken. Remember to dust the wings off before you eat it, unless you are brave enough!

4. Pig’s organ soup

Image credit: travelwayoflife

When you talk of pig meat, why exclude the organs? Pig’s organ soup, as the name indicates, comprises of mixed pieces of its tongue, intestine, heart, meat strips, liver and blood cubes. Vegetables, greens, onions and pepper are added to this clear soup, which can be had with rice or other sides.

5. Stinky tofu

Image credit: LWYang

This is a variety of dark tofu whose preparation involves fermentation and frying. The smell that it emits is so strong, you can sense it metres away. Owing to its fetid nature, not many people can dare to take a bite of it. Chillies, sauces and garlic are often added for flavour play.

6. Chicken feet

Image credit: Joe

And we mean the feet specifically. For those who love little meat and more bone, this is for you. Comprising mainly of tendons and skin, it is a popularly consumed dish and is cooked semi-dry or simply fried. Either way, it serves as a snack and doesn’t really satisfy your meat craving. However, when it is cooked with spices, sauces or tamarind, it can be eaten with rice.

7. Century egg

Image credit: colin leong

These are called so as they are preserved eggs. The egg of the quail, duck or hen is kept in a mix of salt, clay, ash, rice hulls and quick lime for weeks or months to give a greenish to grey yolk with a brown outer sphere. Thanks to the ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, it ends up tasting very pungent and salty.

8. Dragon’s Beard Candy

Image credit: Dragon Beard Candy – Sydney Australia

More like an improvised version of the cotton candy, this flossy candy is a sweet treat. As you bite into it, you will realise its sticky texture due to honey, peanuts and optional condiments stuffed in it. Variations include candies with coconut scrapings, sesame seeds or corn syrup.

9. Sago Worm

Image credit: babe_kl

This slimy member of the worm family is best consumed in its larval stage. They are known as sago worms since they are prepared using sago flour. There are various methods of cooking them. They can be steamed, sautéed or roasted. They are also added to rice and porridge preparations. How do they taste? Just like any other meat, but are believed to be creamier uncooked.

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So, can you stomach them all?

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