Australia's Towns May Run Out of Water by Christmas If Severe Drought Persists, Officials Warn

Australia’s Towns May Run Out of Water by Christmas If Severe Drought Persists, Officials Warn

Australia’s dry spell is expected to continue and worsen.

For the past four years, the well-known coastal towns of Australia have been suffering from drought.

In fact, Sydney dams are expected to dry out by more than half of their maximum capacity and may have only enough water for two more years. The city has run down its water supply at the fastest record rate. 

Many other towns in the state of New South Wales such as Dubbo, Cobar, Nyngan, and Narromine will require water to be imported if the lack of rain continues, as reported by the Bureau of Meteorology. 

Bushes are heating up due to the dry landscape

Queensland and New South Wales are amongst the most heavily affected areas by the droughts, with rampant bushfires covering over 56,000 hectares of land and extensive damage of at least 20 properties at the current official count. Fortunately there have been no fatalities. 

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) inspector Sturgess, warns that the fire situation will worsen as summer looms near, especially in the northeastern regions of Australia.

Impact on farmers and wildlife 

Crop production for winter has been predicted by the government to decrease by 23% from 2018 – 2019. 

In major cities like Sydney and Melbourne on the east coast, drought has driven cattle slaughter up by 17% and affected 49% of its primarily grassy agricultural land. Many farmers are making losses and are at high risk of going into depression as well. 

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Authorities are seeking alternative water sources

New South Wales’ Water Minister Melinda Pavey has announced that the government is doing its best to improve the situation by installing new water bores and water pipelines to supply deprived town, according to the Australian Associated Press. In Sydney, a desalination plant that converts seawater into drinking water has started construction. 

Much of these effects have been bought on due to climate change but the government can only help to mitigate symptoms. Hence, this serves as a reminder that we all have to do our part to preserve our environment or face more dire consequences of global warming.

If you’re traveling to Australia this summer, be sure to take the necessary steps to hydrate and protect yourself from the ongoing severe drought.

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