The Apple AirTag Lets You Keep Track of Your Belongings While Travelling

The Apple AirTag Lets You Keep Track of Your Belongings While Travelling

It’s secure, stylish, and most of all — easy to use!

Ever felt anxious about losing your stuff while travelling? Whether it’s because of previous experiences or just natural paranoia, we can all agree that it can be a mood-killer. So, how about investing in a personal tracking device to keep tabs on your belongings? Like the new Apple AirTag, for instance. 

Released just last April, it’s the first-ever Apple tracking device. It features a sleek design that allows you to attach it to important items such as your wallet, keys, bags, gadgets, and more! We’ve heard some people even use it on their cars, for when they can’t remember where they parked. 

What to know about the Apple AirTag

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In case you were wondering — yes, the Apple AirTag is compatible with Apple devices that have the Find My app. Through an easy one-tap setup, you can connect it to your iPhone or iPad and start keeping track of your valuables. 

If you lose an item, all you have to do is put the AirTag on Lost Mode (via the app). You will then be automatically notified when it’s in the Find My network. Misplaced something nearby? As long as it’s an item attached to an AirTag, you can either play a sound to help you find it, or ask Siri for help. It’s somewhat like asking someone to call your phone when you can’t find it — but better! 

You can style it your way with key rings and leather loops, especially if you’re using it for luggage and keys. The Apple AirTag is also available in packs of one and four. The latter is perfect if you’re travelling with a group or you need a personal tracking device for all your essentials! 

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Apple AirTags prices start at US$29 (~S$38.90) for solo and $99 (~S$132.79) for a four-pack

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