A 900-Year-Old Crusader Sword Discovered in the Mediterranean Coast

An Israeli Scuba Diver Just Found a 900-Year-Old Crusader Sword

It's the stuff of legends!

It was as if the Lady of the Lake from the legend of Excalibur conjured a magical sword anew when an Israeli scuba diver named Shlomi Katzin found an age-old relic. Last Saturday, 16 Oct 2021, Katzin was diving off the HaCarmel Coast when he found a 900-year-old sword believed to have belonged to a Crusader knight.

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Upon the discovery of the Crusader sword, Katzin took the relic ashore and brought it to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). There, inspector Nir Distelfeld deduced that the sword once belonged to a Crusader and that it was miraculously preserved through hundreds of years, “The iron sword has been preserved in perfect condition and is a beautiful and rare find. It evidently belonged to a Crusader knight. It is exciting to encounter such a personal object, taking you 900 years back in time to a different era, with knights, armour, and swords,” he said. 

The Crusader sword was reportedly revealed to Katzin due to the ocean waves and undercurrents. Among the relics the Israeli scuba diver found were ancient stone, metal anchors, and pottery fragments. This has led to the conclusion that the diving site was once a cove used by the Crusader knights long ago. 

According to Kobi Sharvit, director of the IAA’s Marine Archaeology Unit, “The archaeological finds at the site show that it served as a small, temporary natural anchorage for ships seeking shelter. Identification of the various finds shows that the anchorage was used as early as the Late Bronze Age, 4,000 years ago. The recent discovery of the sword suggests that the natural cove was also used in the Crusader period, some 900 years ago.”

Demonstrating good citizenship, Katzin handed the Crusader sword over to Israel’s National Treasures Department and received a certificate for his contribution. However, internal investigations also revealed that the sword was actually first reported to the IAA by archaeologist Dr Udi Galili.

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To hear the Marine Archeology Director of IAA further describe the Crusader sword, watch the video by Global News below. 

The discovery of this ancient sword in the Mediterranean Sea almost feels like a chapter from a fairy tale legend coming to life. Now covered in seashells, the sword looks no less stunning and mysterious 900 years after its owner probably lost it at sea. 

Featured image credit: Nil Distelfeld

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