5 Reasons Now is The Time to Travel to Greece

5 Reasons Now is The Time to Travel to Greece

Here’s why travelling to Greece during its current financial crisis isn’t something you should avoid.

Most of you are probably familiar with the economic situation in Greece right now. And for those who aren’t, in a nutshell, Greece is facing a serious financial crisis as it has busted its debt loans. Greece currently requires significant debt relief, and accepting the bailout package will require the implementation of huge reforms.

With the country’s unstable economic outlook, travellers might feel hesitant to travel to Greece. But truth be told, there are actually many reasons why you should materialise that dream Greek vacation of yours. Here are five reasons why there has never been a better time than now to take in all the splendors Greece has to offer!

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1. Prices are going down, down, down

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As the economic crisis has weakened the euro’s strength, you, as a non-eurozone traveller, will enjoy lower prices for things in euro currency. And if Greece actually leaves the Eurozone, travelling around Greece is likely to get even cheaper.

2. Tourism income is going to alleviate the crisis

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Now that Greece is facing such an unfortunate financial situation, some extra tourist income is definitely going to come in handy for them. While “taking advantage” of a country’s economic crisis might seem like a horrible thing to do, inbound travellers will really be doing Greece a favour.

3. It’s currently one of the best time of the year to tour Greece

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With golden days and warm seas to swim in, now is an excellent time to visit Greece’s beautiful islands in all their glory, before the year end kicks in and temperature starts to fall. And if you’re delaying this sunny travel opportunity any longer, it’s soon going to be goodbye to an experience like this.

4. Greeks are famous for their hospitality, and it’s more than ever now

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Greeks have always been one of the warmest bunch of Europeans around, especially to their tourists. Travellers who’ve been there aren’t just impressed by the dramatic views in Santorini or the majestic Acropolis in Athens, but very much by the hospitality of the locals as well. And even though there have been reports of necessity supplies running low, the Greek’s emphasis on tourism industry will assure that its tourist destinations are well taken care of.

5. It’ll get less busy and crowded, which means a more peaceful vacation

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There’s bound to be skeptics and cautious travellers around, so it’s pretty much predictable that Greece’s inbound travellers are going to reduce. But that doesn’t mean you should be one of them! C’mon, there’s nothing better than a vacation in Greece, except a vacation in Greece with way less people ruining your zen.

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Tips for travelling to Greece

That being said…

So if you’re convinced on making that ultimate Greek vacation of a lifetime, there are still a few things to bear in mind in order to make the most out of your visit to this fairytale destination.

Firstly, get a good insurance cover, of course. In the (unlikely) event of getting stranded, or any other unfortunate circumstances you may face, a comprehensive insurance will give you a piece of mind and not let these possible mishaps ruin your holiday.

Also, don’t rely too much on credit cards as Greek banks are in jeopardy. Cash is the way to go for this trip, and lots of it. As told by travellers who’ve just returned from Greece, this is probably the most inconvenient issue you’ll face during your trip. Many ATMs do not have cash for withdrawals, while those that do often have a queue. Fortunately, the Euro 60 cash withdrawal limit is said to only affect the locals, so in the case where you desperately ran out of cash, ATMs are still an option you can rely on.

Lastly, though the Greek Islands have always been peaceful despite what happens in the capital, there’s still a small possibility of outbreaks of unrest. So just be mentally prepared!

Don’t worry about travelling during the economic crisis, worry about having to choose which Greek islands to visit instead. Go ahead and plan that exciting Greece trip of yours now!

A huge thank you to Gene Hiew for kindly providing us with his insights and experiences on travelling in Greece during the economic crisis.

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