My 5-Day Solo Trip to Bali: Highlights & Realisations

My 5-Day Solo Trip to Bali: Highlights & Realisations

This 5-day Bali trip gave this Filipina more reasons to travel alone in the future.

Contributed by Ayza Querejero

Tanah Lot Temple

Staying in the same place for too long made me see myself in a certain way. My past experiences and relationships shaped who I am. I felt like I am stuck in my current situation and that I need a change. And the only way I can achieve change is to challenge myself. And so, I began travelling and exploring new things and realised I can choose whatever I wanted to be.

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My first solo trip to Bali gave me more reasons to travel alone in the future. I spent 5 days exploring everything about Bali. At first, I thought it was going to be a lengthy stay in one country, but when I finished, I suddenly felt short about it. My first two days were spent appreciating Bali’s artistic culture, every corner was oozing with creativity.

Uluwatu Temple

One of the most exciting parts about Bali is that there are temples literally everywhere. As soon as I arrived in Bali, I went straight to Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temples and experienced Bali’s far-famed sunset while witnessing their traditional Kecak Ramayana and Fire Dance.

Ubud Temple

Saraswati Temple


Second day was spent exploring Bali’s ultimate cultural hub, Ubud. The breathtaking Tegallalang Rice Terraces instantly gave a super calming effect on my mood. And of course, the very infamous and must not be missed, Pura Taman Saraswati Temple, is truly a gem. Beaches are also Bali’s best assets, from crystal clear sea for swimming to strong waves perfect for surfing.

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Kuta Beach

With a pocket money of ₱20,000 in 5 days, I was able to discover Bali all by myself.

Accommodation (Villa Ketupat) – ₱5,500 for 5 Nights with Breakfast
Tour Guide – ₱4,500 for 3 Days including motorcycle services
Food – ₱2,500 for 10 meals
Entrance Fees – ₱2,000
Pasalubong – ₱3,000
Transportation – ₱500 (Taxi Fare)
Excess – ₱2,000

Villa Ketupat

Travelling solo gave me the chance to indulge myself fully; it was indeed very liberating. Distance from the familiar also made me realise that some people in my life aren’t quite as important as I thought they were. And the unexpected exploration of unknown routes made me develop the strength I thought I never had.

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Pandawa Beach

Travelling solo made me see what a tiny speck I am in this universe. While my life feels like it’s falling apart, the rest of the world is still moving and time hasn’t stopped. My life’s best lessons were learned at the worst times. Because no pain comes without a purpose. I chose to be positive when negativity surrounded me. And doing things on my own gave me the space I needed to grow. I will never be ashamed of my scars, they are signs of strength and closed wounds. I’ve realised that the truth about happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them. I might not end up where I intended to go but I firmly believe I will arrive precisely where I need to be.

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