25 Photos that Will Make You Want to Move to Korea Now

25 Photos that Will Make You Want to Move to Korea Now

These photos will take your Korea wanderlust to the next level.

Korea is the land of Samsung, Taekwondo and cutting-edge robotics, but also of traditions that go back thousands of years. It’s a country of enormous diversity, from modern skyscraper-filled metropolises to peaceful countryside and rugged mountain ranges. Although it’s rather small, Korea is one of the world’s wealthiest, most educated, most innovative and most democratic countries. And, it has the highest internet speed on the planet!

If those aren’t enough reasons to consider moving to Korea, read on and you’ll be convinced why Korea is the place to be.

Korea is home to one of the world’s largest cities

Image Credits: Brad Hammonds

That has a population of more than 10 million people…

Image Credits: Michael-kay Park

Korean children are cute and happy

Image Credits: Craig Nagy

And Koreans in general are beautiful

Image Credits: J Sam

Seoul has ultra-modern skyscrapers…

Image Credits: Lieven Van Melckebeke

Futuristic architecture…

Image Credits: mandu yuri

World class subways…

Image Credits: poohoot

Ancient Buddhist temples

Image Credits: Ekke

And bustling street markets

Image Credits: Oskar Alexanderson

But Korea also has beautiful nature

Image Credits: Republic of Korea

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It is famous for cherry blossoms in spring…

Image Credits: Emy ^^

And colourful foliage in fall

Image Credits: Sang yun Lee

You can go hiking in the mountains in summer…

Image Credits: Brad Hammonds

And skiing in winter

Image Credits: Tan Cheng Joo

You can soak up some sun on gorgeous beaches…

Image Credits: Valentina Yachichurova

Explore islands…

Image Credits: Jens-Olaf Walter

Or enjoy the picturesque countryside

Image Credits: maximillian_schaffhausen

Korean food is delicious

Image Credits: Travis Sanders

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And it looks pretty great as well

Image Credits: Chloe Lim

Seriously, who doesn’t want to grab a pair of chopsticks and indulge?

Image Credits: Republic of Korea

In Korea, you’ll find cutting edge technology

Image Credits: Brian Bilek

But also traditional celebrations

Image Credits: Republic of Korea

There is also the world’s biggest wooden rollercoaster…

Image Credits: Jeremy Thompson

Exciting theme parks

Image Credits: Michael Sotnikov

Mind-blowing entertainment

Image Credits: Republic of Korea

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And extremely fun festivals

Image Credits: Hypnotica Studios Infinite

Are you convinced yet?

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