25 Photos that Will Make You Want to Move to Japan Now

27 Photos that Will Make You Want to Move to Japan Now

That’s it – I'm moving to Japan now.

Japan: a home to the largest city in the world, a nation with more than 6,750 islands, a destination that features both old traditions and ultramodern architecture. It’s the country of cherry blossoms, sushi, bullet trains, street fashion, gardens and temples.

There is hardly a more exciting, overwhelming (in a good way), diverse and delicious country to be found anywhere else on this planet.

These 27 photos of Japan will offer you an impression of what “the Land of the Rising Sun” is like, probably making you want to move there right now.

1. Japanese cities are among the greatest in the world…

Image Credits: Loïc Lagarde

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2. As is shown in this stunning sunset photo of Tokyo…

Image Credits: Carlos Donderis

3. Don’t you just want to explore the streets of such a city?

Image Credits: Guy Gorek

4. Or visit this gorgeous temple in Kyoto?

Image Credits: wwww.karlocamero.com

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5. Japan is home to extraordinary people,

Image Credits: Jeff Laitila

6. Geishas…

Image Credits: Ben Houdijk

7. And Kit Kat flavours you don’t even know existed

Image Credits: Jordi Sanchez Teruel

8. Street fashion and hipsters go hand in hand

Image Credits: Erik

9. It’s fair to say that Japanese people are remarkable

Image Credits: anjuli_ayer

10. Cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji are Japan’s two natural icons

Image Credits: skyseeker

11. Japan is home to beautiful mountain ranges…

Image Credits: Toshihiro Gamo

12. Picturesque lakes…

Image Credits: Israel Gonzalez

13. And large bamboo forests you can walk around in

Image Credits: David Sanz

14. In spring, cherry blossoms paint the landscape in the pinkest of colours…

Image Credits: Yasunari Nakamura

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15. While in autumn, maple trees take on shades of red, orange and red

Image Credits: Toshihiro Gamo

16. And futuristic toilets? We’re sold.

Image Credits: MsSaraKelly

17. In Japan, bullet trains commute between cities at enormous speeds…

Image Credits: Shawn Clover

18. Futuristic science labs are a common sight…

Image Credits: Daiju Azuma

19. And cybernetic humans result from cutting edge technology

Image Credits: Playing Futures: Applied Nomadology

20. Courtesy in Japan is also amazing

Image Credits: THINK Global School

21. It’s a country of vending machines as well

Image Credits: Midorisyu

22. In all kinds of colours, selling all kinds of things

Image Credits: Se7en

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23. And with the healthy lifestyles and diets, Japanese tend to have a higher life expectancy

Image Credits: Mr Hicks46

24. Japanese food is world-class

Image Credits: katsuuu 44

25. And drop-dead delicious

Image Credits: Raging Wire

26. Sushi is possibly the most well-known Japanese word

27. A delicious matcha dessert is the perfect ending to a meal (or a blog post)

Image Credits: Froschmann

Don’t you just want to move to Japan now?

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