10 Smart Gadgets All Business Travellers Should Have

10 Smart Gadgets All Business Travellers Should Have

No matter how long your business trip will take, travelling without your electronic gadgets are always inconvenient. Here are 10 essential tech gadgets all business travellers should have.

Be it going for a road trip, a long-haul, or making your way by train, plane or coach, business trips can’t be any easy without any of these devices and accessories. Here are 10 essential tech gadgets that all business travellers should bring along with them to optimise their performance.

1. Laptop & tablet


On any business trip, travellers can’t get away without a laptop and their tablet by their side. These gadgets form an integral part of many business travellers’ lives as they need to be reachable for 24 hours online, be it on Skype or Facebook, and keeping up to their responsibilities of representing their company.

2. Power accessory

Power is one important thing that is easily forgotten despite its frequent use. Since most devices are now USB-powered, this power accessory is a good companion to keep as it’s compatible with almost all your gadgets including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

3. Luggage scales


Be it crossing the border for a short trip or making a long distance flight, most travellers would grab the chance to shop a few gifts and other personal items. The last thing you want is to be at loggerheads with the weight limit. These luggage scales would save you the trouble of getting stuck in the airport for hours.

4. Smartphone portable charger

If you do not already know this, smartphones, despite their oh-so-useful apps, may not last the whole day. This pocket-sized portable charger is a convenient accessory to bring along everywhere you go.

5. Tablet keyboard accessory


No matter how skilled you are with touch-screen typing, having a keyboard at hand can make your typing more convenient and efficient. A removable keyboard,  powered by Bluetooth, is  a worth -investing in accessory for a hassle-free travel.

6. In-ear headphones


Business travellers often demand uninterrupted attention. In-ear headphones are effective in blocking out external noise and improving concentration. These headphones have universal earphone jacks that are compatible with vast majority of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

7. Universal travel adapter

A universal travel adapter can be used with electronic gadgets in almost any country. Good adapters also protects the gadgets from a sudden surge of voltage or high power output in certain countries.

8. Smartphones and entertainment devices

Business travel is not all about work about all work and no play. Steal some time away from the your hectic schedule and entertain yourself with movies and or games in with your smartphones or entertainment devices to relieve stress. You can also use your smartphones phones and to remain connected with your families and friends.

9. Flash drives


Anything can happen in a foreign land. Getting pick-pocketed under bright daylight, break-ins into hotel room or system crashes in laptops or smartphones. Flash drives back up documents and files to avoid going on a wasted trip.

10. Grid-it


The question is, how do you pack these items into your luggage? This simple organisation system is made up of elastic bands to hold devices firmly inside the case. It is slim and lightweight, making it a convenient tool to carry around.

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