10 Filipinos on Instagram Who Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

In need of a travel inspiration? Follow these Instagram accounts and you'll find yourself booking your next flight in no time.

We can spend hours on Instagram scrolling through our feed—lusting over the travel photos of our friends. Why can’t it be us on that wide expanse of tourist-free beach? Why are we labouring away on our desktop when we should be flying with them elsewhere?

However, no one inspires wanderlust as much as the following Filipino travellers. Not only do they visit out-of-this-world places, their photos are art in itself. Follow these folks and you’ll find yourself at 2:00 AM going through every places they’ve ever travelled.

1. Kimi Juan (@kimijuan)

Magic hour ✨

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Together with her creative partner-in-crime, Kimi Juan goes away to tranquil and melancholic places. Well, that’s what her Instagram feed feels like, anyway. She proves that heaven exists and it can be found in the beaches of the country.

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2. Caroline Emphasis Garces (@carolinewanderlust)

True to her bio, Caroline’s posts read like a diary entry. Her photos are paired with insightful take on travel, life, and the destinations. It’s almost like going through travel photography book with the annotations of a well-versed traveller.

3. Des Cambaliza (@mugimaki_)

braving the waves Pangasinan

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For Des, minimalism is the way to go. She captures the miracles of nature from the large-scale to the miniscule,  from close-up shots of flowers to tranquil snaps of wild birds to hypnotising sunsets.

4. Javi Cang (@javycang)

Go on adventures with Javi Cang through his photos, as he climbs every summit and seeks every hidden gem of nature. You’ll keep scrolling and scrolling, and you know that he got the great universe captured in his photos.

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5. Patricia Henson (@patriciahenson)

The gorgeous Patricia Henson takes you with her on sandy beaches and amazing landscapes. Going through her feed, chuckling along with her witty captions, you’ll wish you’re on some island paradise as well.

6. Jay Ferrer and Sab Lee (@jayandsab_aroundtheworld)

? Blessed Sunday ? A new video is waiting for you on our YouTube channel! (Link in bio) ✌?️ #JayAndSabAroundTheWorld

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The globe-trotting couple would make you wish to pack your bags ASAP and country-hop. They don’t just inspire travel jealousy, they also make you wish that you have a constant travel buddy to join you in your escapades.

7. Archie Esleyer (@archieoffduty)

As he explores the country one weekend at a time, Archie showcases the beauty of the Philippines with his vibrant photos. From informative captions to inspiring motivation travel spiels, you’ll definitely wish you can spend your off days in more natural wonders.

8. Darlene Madrid (@pointandshootwanderlust)

Darlene’s posts would make you want to pack your bags and explore the Philippines—the whole Asia, actually. Let her take you to the sweeping hills of Batanes and larger-than-life murals in BGC.

9. Roj Leocario (@rojleocario)


A photo posted by roj (@rojleocario) on

Roj says she loves places that make her feel tiny, and so do we. Follow her for her unique shots of the Manila we thought we knew and the sceneries we long to know. Bonus: Her illustrations are pretty wicked, too!

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10. Kara Santos (@karasantos)

Road trips or food trips, this girl sure knows how to go on worthwhile adventures. Be it a wondrous spread for lunch or a breathtaking view from one of her biking trips, her Instagram feed is will surely trigger your wanderlust.

Follow, be inspired, travel, repeat.

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