10 Winter Clothing Essentials to Shop for Cold-Weather Holidays

10 Clothing Essentials to Shop for Your Winter Travels

Cop all the best winter clothes for your upcoming cold-weather holidays!

Anyone who has travelled to cold destinations would know that packing the right winter clothing essentials go a long way. We’re talking about pieces that are timeless, cosy, and easy to mix and match. But for those like us who live in the tropics, it can be sometimes tricky to figure out which items are worth buying and which ones you can live without. Some first-timers tend to either overpack or underpack — both of which don’t make for a convenient travel experience. 

Fret not, because we’re here to help you stay warm in style with all the best winter clothes! Read on for a curated list of all the basics you should have on your next cold-weather vacation. 

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Must-haves for your winter trip outfits

1. Knit long-sleeved top

When it comes to winter travel outfit ideas, knit pieces are almost always part of the equation… and for good reason! Nothing beats a cosy knit top — be it fisherman sweaters, collared cardigans, or good ol’ turtlenecks — as the temperatures go down. Don’t forget to wear these with a thermal undershirt for extra heat retention. 

Where to buy: Everlane and COS

2.  Shearling fleece jacket

Cold-weather seasons are basically the few times in a year you can get away with wearing something fluffy and fuzzy (especially if you’d rather not look “extra”). Even more so when you live somewhere with a warmer climate. So, say hello to shearling fleece jackets! Opt for one in a mostly neutral shade with splashes of bright hues for just the right contrast. 

Where to buy: COS and Patagonia

3. Hooded puffer jacket

Another type of jacket to add to your winter clothing essentials? The ever-reliable puffer. Not only is it water-resistant, but it’s also extra insulating as it’s packed with down feathers (or synthetic alternatives) to keep you snug even in freezing temperatures. It might look bulky, but most puffer jackets actually let you fit more layers underneath! We recommend going for one with a hood as well for that overall utilitarian outerwear. 

Where to buy: Superdry Singapore and Urban Outfitters Singapore

4. Reversible puffer vest

Not into the “bunched up” look that’s inevitable with puffer jackets? Well then, puffer vests are the way to go. These provide better mobility due to the absence of sleeves but with the same cosy filling to help you stay warm. Most of these come in packable versions that you can easily roll up to save on luggage space. But for maximum versatility, shop for a reversible one that you can pair with countless winter trip outfits! 

Where to buy: Patagonia and Zara

5. Tailored wool coat

winter trip outfits

Image credit: Zara Official Website

Well-fitting wool coats are certainly one of the winter clothing essentials worth investing in. Opt for those that you can wear with both casual and dressier outfits that’ll pull your entire look together. You can even pick ones with subtle details —  like detachable fur collars and waist-cinching belts (similar to the images above) — to give you that edge. 

And, of course, it goes without saying that neutral colours are your best bet when it comes to something you can wear on the daily.  

Where to buy: Zara Man Singapore and Zara Woman Singapore

6. Parka

Parkas are another type of coat that’ll help your winter trip outfits go a long way. Bundle up in these well-insulated outerwear during frigid temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rain or snowfall. Not to mention, the roomy pockets are designed to keep your hands toasty warm as you bask in the frosty wonderland of your destination. 

Where to buy: Everlane and Marks & Spencer

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Other winter clothing essentials you should own

7. Matching set

winter trip outfits

Image credit: UNIQLO Singapore

Matching sets offer an effortless way to look chic even in the most casual of settings — like, say, lounging by the fireplace at your hotel or Airbnb. Fortunately, UNIQLO’s latest collaboration with fellow Japanese brand Mame Kurogouchi is all about cold-weather comfort and exquisite earthy neutrals. 

Their collection highlights the new HEATTECH wool blend material specially designed for sensitive skin during winter. From sweaters and leggings, to tights and long socks, each piece boasts a warm but thin material — paving the way for seamless layering and form-flattering silhouettes. We can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t add these to your winter closet essentials! 

Where to buy: UNIQLO

8. Cape or poncho

Dining at a dressy but drafty restaurant? Or simply looking to spruce up your winter airport outfits? Either way, capes and ponchos are the way to go. If you want to snuggle up without the risk of looking frumpy, pair ‘em with straight-leg pants or opt for one that comes with a waist tie. 

Where to buy: Farfetch and Nordstrom

9. Scarf

Image credit: ASOS Official Website

Few things are cosier than layering with a scarf in the coldest months of the year. Bonus points for the fact that it adds pizzazz to your winter trip outfits, too! Doesn’t matter if you’re going with a versatile neutral shade or a more eye-catching hue; it all comes down to picking high-quality material that’s breathable and won’t have you feeling itchy. 

Where to buy: ASOS Men and ASOS Women

10. Gloves

Gloves are great and comfy for when it’s freezing outside… until you have to use your phone. Fortunately, more winter gloves are now designed to not only be insulating but also tech-friendly, so you can easily use your touchscreen devices even with these on. 

Where to buy: UNIQLO

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Overall, the good thing about winter clothing essentials is that they come in many different shapes, sizes, and even degrees of warmth. Whether or not it’s your first time travelling to a super cold destination, consider this your sign to get started on your pre-trip shopping! 

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