Top Photography Spots in Da Nang You Can’t Miss

Top Photography Spots in Da Nang You Can’t Miss

Whether you’re a pro photographer or a trigger-happy Instagrammer, you’ll find Da Nang one of the most photogenic places you’ve ever been to.

Da Nang encompasses the best of both worlds when it comes to travelling Vietnam. There’s a relaxed, laidback atmosphere that you won’t find in the cities of Hanoi or Saigon, but on the other hand, this burgeoning beach-side city is undoubtedly the rising star of the country.

You’ll still find elements common to other Vietnamese cities, but there’s an undeniable repose to be enjoyed here. In short, it’s a tropical Vietnamese paradise, with a pristine coastline that stretches for approximately 30 kilometres.

That said, there are a host of attractions to see beyond the beach, especially if you’re a photographer looking to scout the best spots. Read on for our full list of attractions that deserve to be on your radar if you’re planning on getting some snapshots in Da Nang.

1. My Khe Beach

This is one of the top photography spots in Da Nang where you could enjoy great views of the coastline. This beach is the jewel in the Da Nang crown — an untouched stretch of coastline that plays host to some fantastic beach bars and luxury resorts. The best time to shoot here is sunrise; you’ll be treated to stunning, vivid shades of orange and blue as the sun ascends over the Da Nang coastline.

Truth be told, it’s picturesque on almost any sunny day, so you’re generally guaranteed to get some photo-worthy scenes here. When you’ve filled up your memory card, head to nearby An Thương to refuel with a few cocktails and fresh, tasty seafood.

2. Bà Nà Hills

About 30 kilometres outside of Da Nang are the Bà Nà Hills, named by the French for the abundance of bananas in the area (or so the legend goes). You’ll want to carry your camera along to the SunWorld Ba Na Hills theme park for a few reasons: Firstly, the stunning views of these rolling hills themselves. Taking the cable car up to the summit, you ascend to 1,500 metres above sea level. On some days, the theme park is shrouded in cloud and mist, creating a magical, moody atmosphere. On clear occasions, the views stretch as far as the eye can see, with the blue skies a deep azure hue.

Within the theme park itself are a number of photo-worthy sights, the most famous being the iconic Golden Bridge. It’s also worth mentioning that the drive to the theme park is a photographic treat in itself. If you choose this option you’ll be treated to endless rice paddies and lush forests — a true reflection of rural Vietnamese life. Among the top photography spots in Dan Nang, this is probably where you’ll end up maxing out your gadget’s memory. We’re telling you, the photo opportunities here are endless!

3. Dragon Bridge

Cầu Rồng or Dragon Bridge is perhaps the most prominent landmark of the city — an icon that brings prosperity and good fortune to the residents of Da Nang. It’s especially striking on weekends, when it puts on a pyrotechnics show at 9pm. Expect to see this colossal fire-breathing structure put on a dramatic light show, too. Crowds gather in their masses, so if you’re setting up to shoot here, be sure to arrive early for a prime vantage point. The best spots are along the Han River Waterfront, where you can view the glistening reflections of the LED lights while enjoying the Dragon in all its glory.

Do you have any special photo-worthy spots in Da Nang that we should know about? Share them with us!

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