You Can Now Stay in a Shipping Container Hotel in Singapore for S$200/Night

You Can Now Stay in a Shipping Container Hotel in Singapore for S$200/Night

Looking for a different one-of-a-kind staycation? How does a night in a shipping container sound? Now you can stay in one for S$200/Night!

Ever wondered what it’s like to stay in a shipping container? Well now, you can experience it first-hand at Singapore’s new “container hotel”. Starting from S$200 per night, these hotel rooms housed are the brainchild of tech entrepreneur Seah Liang Chiang.

Currently, you can find these interesting hotel rooms near Singapore’s Buona Vista district at JTC Corporation’s startup cluster, Launchpad @ One-North. In the future, Seah hopes to shift these containers to the beach so that guests are able to wake up to the sounds of “lapping of waves… just 5m away”. 

Described as a “pop-up” hotel on their website, the company is committed to give their guests a taste of “luxury living off the grid”. These container hotels are 300-sq ft in size and range between S$150 and S$200 for a night’s stay, as listed on its website and AirBnB. Each of these containers can house up to four people and is complete with air-conditioning, two queen-sized beds, a bathroom, a kitchen and dining area, a TV, a sofa and of course, Wi-fi! 

The cabins are stand alone sans the typical hotel facilities like a swimming pool or lobby. However, there is a 24-hour customer service hotline.

Seah added that he was keen to venture into more ‘off-the-grid’ areas in Singapore,  like parks and the beach, or even on Lazarus Island where traditional hotels would not be allowed to operate in. He also highlights that his target consumers are the younger crowd who are “more adventurous and are looking for an experience” instead of just “an accommodation”.

So if you’re looking for a new, out-of-the-box hotel experience, why not spend a night in a container?

Visit the The Shipping Container Hotel official website for more information.

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