Where Was 'Dune 2' Filmed? All Real-World Locations You Can Visit

Where Was Dune 2 Filmed? Locations You Can Visit in Person

Your road leads into the desert.

Dennis Villeneuve’s cinematic adaptation of Dune is undoubtedly one of the greatest sci-fi movie projects in recent history. Villeneuve’s success in bringing this narrative to life stems from his commitment to honouring the source material and his dedication as a director in translating the story from page to screen. Part of this is made clear how he brings the wild, surreal, and alien environments in Dune to life by carefully choosing the filming locations.

The best part is that you can also visit these places in real life. From the sandy deserts of Arrakis to the regal Corrino household, here are all the locations where Dune 2 was filmed. 

Dune 2 filming locations you can visit in real life

1. Budapest – Hungary

Knowing the nature of Dune, you were probably expecting the first location to be a desert. Don’t worry, there are plenty of sandy spots coming your way. But first, the majority of Dune 2’s action and battle scenes were filmed in Budapest, Hungary. More specifically, in the massive piece of land that is the backlot of ORIGO Film Studios.

dune 2 filming locations

Budapest Parliament Building | Image credit: Rudy Balasko via Canva Pro

Sure, there won’t be much to see here in terms of actual Dune landmarks, but Budapest is an incredible place to visit on its own. You can visit St. Stephen’s Basilica to look at a unique relic (the mummified hand of Saint Stephen), or glide along the Danube River on a picturesque cruise to see Budapest’s iconic Parliament Building.

Fisherman’s Bastion | Image credit: Michal Collection via Canva Pro

History buffs will also appreciate a trip to Buda Castle, a former royal palace that now houses the National Gallery, the Budapest History Museum, and the Széchényi Library. You can also visit the Fisherman’s Bastion, an iconic landmark of Budapest that’s not far from the castle.

Besides that, you can take in scenic views of the city by climbing aboard Budapest’s signature trams. Otherwise, there are also lots of walking tours that you can participate in that allow visitors to check out the various murals scattered around the city.

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2. Wadi Rum – Jordan

where was dune 2 filmed

Image credit: FedevPhoto via Canva Pro

Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert is the perfect place to encapsulate the blazing hot and sandy desert environment of the planet Arrakis in Dune 2. The beautiful red sand and eye-catching, vast landscapes make Wadi Rum feel like a place that could belong to an alien destination. Other sci-fi movies that have been filmed here include The Martian and Prometheus.

Image credit: Warner Bros.

In real life, a trip to Wadi Rum guarantees you endless opportunities for a desert adventure. Take a Jeep from the visitor’s centre and explore the gorgeous red sands around you. Stop by the famed Lawrence House, an ancient structure that was built by the Nabatean people thousands of years ago. It was so named because a British general named T.E. Lawrence supposedly slept here during his time in the desert.

Khazali Canyon | Image credit: Cristi Coitoru via Canva Pro

On top of that, you can also check out the various natural rock bridges that span the desert. Don’t forget to visit Khazali Canyon, which has inscriptions covering its inner walls from Islamic, Thamudic, and Nabatean civilizations. These writings date back thousands of years into human history. 

If you’re looking for activities that veer away from the historical, you can also do some sandboarding at the red dunes of Al Hasany. If you’re looking to visit a place where Dune 2 was filmed, definitely add Wadi Rum to your list!

3. Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

where was dune 2 filmed

Image credit (L – R): divingaroundthe world via Canva Pro, Warner Bros.

Desert locations chew up a lot of screen time in Dune 2, so it’s no surprise that Abu Dhabi is also one of the Dune 2 filming locations you can visit in real life. The desert here looks startlingly similar to Wadi Rum and appeared in the film as the sandy exteriors of the planet Arrakis, as well as the rock shelters used by the native Fremen people in the movie.

Abu Dhabi’s desert is home to a wealth of activities for all travellers. It’s an extraordinary part of the world and is known as Rub al Khali or the Empty Quarter, Earth’s largest uninterrupted sand mass. You can glide over the golden dunes in a 4×4 for some thrilling “dune bashing,” or conquer the sands on your very first camel ride. Besides that, you can also visit a traditional Bedouin camp and witness the age-old Emirati falconry practice. Of course, the Empty Quarter is also an excellent location for stargazing, perfect for delighting your inner astronomer.

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4. Altivole, Treviso – Italy

Image credit: Iolanda Pensa | Wikimedia Commons

Most scenes of Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune take place on the desert planet of Arrakis. Dune 2 throws a new location in the mix: the Corrino household that was filmed in the city of Altivole in Treviso province, Italy. In case you missed it, House Corrino is one of the main six factions that exist in the world of Dune.

While the film used this location for indoor scenes, the Italian architecture of Altivole does an excellent job of creating a brand-new setting that instantly differentiates the culture of House Corrino from the desert-dwelling Fremen people.

A charming little Italian town, Altivole comes steeped in history and punctuated by beautiful buildings. If you’re a fan of museums, there are plenty to choose from like the Birthplace Museum of St. Pius X, the Civic Museum of Asolo, and the Montello Soldiers Museum. Besides that, Altivole is also home to beautiful structures like the stunning Villa Barbaro and the imposing Castle of Castelfranco.

Memoriale Brion

Image credit: Fichier d’origine | Wikimedia Commons

One of the more specific Dune 2 filming locations that deserve its own little section is the Memoriale Brion or the Brion tomb. Also located in Altivole, this unique architectural creation was designed by Carlo Scarpa for the Brion family. Onorian Brion commissioned the tomb after the death of her husband in 1968. It is a structure unlike any other, a fusion of brutalist elements and Japanese architectural sentiments that’s perfect for quiet contemplation.

where was dune 2 filmed

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Like the rest of Altivole, scenes shot in Memoriale Brion serve to paint a picture of the culture and world of House Corrino.

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And there you have it; every single filming location that creates the majestic and deadly world of Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune. If you’re a fan of the movies and the books, or just looking for an excuse to try out some desert travel, then it’s the perfect time to check out where Dune 2 was filmed.

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