Top 5 Underground Shopping Malls in South Korea

Top 5 Underground Shopping Malls in South Korea

Just imagine stepping out of the metro and straight to the mall. South Korea’s underground malls are so accessible that you won’t have to travel far and wide just to find one!

One of the first few things that people usually associate Korea with would probably be  their Korean pop  groups and abundance of shopping arenas. Even if you do not get to meet your k-pop idol on your next trip to Korea, you are definitely guaranteed a whirlwind of a shopping experience.

From their latest Korean fashion apparels to their innovative skincare and cosmetic brands, and not to forget the Korean cuisine, South Korea is a haven for shopping fanatics. However, as tourists, it is easy to miss out on good things if you don’t look hard enough for it. Hiding below the streets of South Korea are the large underground malls serving fashion and food to whoever is curious enough to wander down.

As you cruise the shopping lanes of South Korea, do keep a lookout for the signs pointing to these elusive yet incredible underground shopping hotspots:

1. Yeongdeungpo Underground Mall

Most of South Korea’s underground malls are located in train stations, so it does not come as a surprise that Yeongdeungpo mall too, is situated in Seoul Subway Line 1 (Yeongdeungpo Station). With Yeungdeungpo being the hub of Seoul, this mall is almost always overflowing with tourists and locals alike. The underground mall is divided into 3 sections selling goods marketed to all from seniors to juniors. Yeungdeungpo underground shopping mall has also seen an increase in its traffic after the opening of the connecting megamall, Times Square.

2. Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall

Located in Incheon Subway Line 1, is the local’s favourite Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall, also known as Bupyeong Modoo Mall. In a shopping frenzy, it can be very easy to get lost in this massive mall, which houses a whopping number of 1,400 stores which sell clothes, cosmetics and food. The number can seem daunting but it shouldn’t be a bother as the mall is divided into 7 sections, labelled alphabetically.

All in all, this shopping arena may seem quite a distance from Seoul, but it will be worth the travel once you get to know that the prices in Bupyeong Modoo Mall are relatively cheaper than its underground counterparts of Seoul.

3. Gangnam Terminal Shopping Mall

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Conveniently situated in Gangnam Station (line 2 of Seoul subway), is Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center. It is also known as Goto Mall or Express Bus Terminal Shopping Mall by the locals. This mall prides itself on providing convenient and comfortable shopping experiences with its wide range. The high concentration of stores in this mall allow shoppers to easily compare prices between shops before settling on a more reasonable option.

One can discover a plethora of items, especially female clothing and cosmetics, to buy at low to mid-range price points. And if you are not exhausted after scouring through the many lanes of the shopping mall, you can always head down to Sinbundang Line Underground Shopping Centre, which is attached to Gangnam Station.

4. Jamsil Underground Shopping Mall

If you are walking around in Seoul and you spot a magnificent fountain (inspired by Rome’s Trevi Fountain), you are in the right place for a shopping fever. Right beside the fountain is the ever so popular Lotte Department Store which is connected to the Jamsil Underground Shopping Mall. Although it is a smaller mall with 135 stores, do not underestimate it as the shops offer a variety of goods and restaurants, which serve up authentic Korean cuisine! If 135 shops are not enough, you can also head down to the nearby Lotte World Mall, and do not forget to take a souvenir photo by the iconic fountain!

5. COEX Mall

COEX Mall wins the title of the lot as not only the largest shopping mall in South Korea but also the largest underground mall in all of Asia. Neat, isn’t it? Located in Samsung Station of Seoul Subway Line 2, this mall spans 165,000 square meters and houses an aquarium, casino, the new Starfield Library, Megabox theatre and hundreds of both local and international stores. It even has a kimchi museum! But if COEX doesn’t satisfy the shopaholic in you, there is a Lotte Department Store and Times Square in the same locality.

With all these shopping areas in mind, it is easy to get excited and head down super early to start purchasing. But a word of caution as these malls start their day at 10am. So, one day may not be enough for shopping in Korea! Set aside a few days of your Korean trip to let loose the shopaholic in you!

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