One-Day TOKYO SKYTREE Guide: Things to See, Do and Eat

A One-Day Trip to TOKYO SKYTREE: Things to See, Do and Eat

See a new side of Tokyo!

When you visit Tokyo, where would you like to go? There are many sightseeing spots to visit like Odaiba, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ginza. This time we’d like to introduce Asakusa, an area that used to be the downtown area of Edo (old Tokyo). Asakusa is home to TOKYO SKYTREE, which opened on May 22, 2012, and stands at a whopping 634 metres tall. We spent the entire day exploring TOKYO SKYTREE and the surrounding areas, so check out this one-day TOKYO SKYTREE guide!

tokyo skytree one day guide

This picture was taken when we visited in early March. The combination of cherry blossoms (Kawazu-sakura) and the illuminated TOKYO SKYTREE is wonderful. This is a view only available in spring, though. Many people gathered to take pictures of the beautiful TOKYO SKYTREE.

TOKYO SKYTREE is illuminated in a different color each day (“Iki” for the spirit of Edo, “Miyabi” for aesthetics, and “Nobori” for liveliness). This time around, we had the opportunity to witness the limited cherry blossom-themed lighting, “Mai.” Special kinds of lighting may be displayed seasonally, so please check the official website for the lighting schedule.

Exploring the Observation Decks

Next, we went up the observation decks for the next part of our one-day TOKYO SKYTREE guide. There are two observation decks: the Tembo Deck, which is 350 metres above ground level, and the Tembo Galleria, which is 450 metres above ground level. Here’s a shot from the Tembo Deck, 350 meters above ground level.

tokyo skytree one day guide

From Tembo Deck, visitors can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Tokyo. We went up for a night view and watched the city lights twinkle below like stars in the night sky. It’s no surprise that Tembo Deck is a popular dating spot for couples.  Besides that, you can also see Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi; areas where skyscrapers stand in a row. 

On a clear day, you can see Tokyo Tower, as well as Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tsukuba in the distance. TOKYO SKYTREE is also considered a powerful spiritual spot because it is located in an area that forms a straight line with the Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture and Mt. Fuji. 

tokyo skytree one day guide

Another interesting attraction to look out for while exploring Tembo Deck is the “W1SH RIBBON” station. Here you can tie a colourful ribbon with your wishes written on it. The ribbons tied to the monument have wishes written on them in various languages, knotted by travellers from across the globe.


The Tembo Deck features a place where the floor is made of glass, and visitors can take pictures of views straight down to the bottom of TOKYO SKYTREE. Staff members are also on standby to help take pictures for you, so you’ll have more memorable pictures to bring home from your experience.

tokyo skytree one day guide

Above the Tembo Deck is an even higher viewpoint known as the Tembo Galleria. It is 450 metres above the ground and the corridor is sloped so that visitors can enjoy a walk in the air to the highest point.

tokyo skytree one day guide

The charm of visiting the SKYTREE observation deck always changes depending on the time of day. If you want a clear bird’s-eye of Tokyo, visit in the morning. For an awe-inspiring sunset or a glorious night cityscape, show up later on instead. All you need to do is make the trip during your favourite time and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Tickets for TOKYO SKYTREE’s Tembo Deck are ¥2,100 for adults on weekdays and ¥2,300 for adults on weekends and holidays. The Tembo Deck + Tembo Galleria Combo Ticket is ¥3,100 for adults on weekdays and 3,400 yen for adults on weekends and holidays. You can learn more information and book your tickets here.


tokyo skytree one day guide

When you visit TOKYO SKYTREE, head to the official store, SKYTREE SHOP for souvenirs! The official SKYTREE characters, known as “Sorakara-chan,” “Teppenpen,” and “Sukoburuburu,” are all very cute and are great as souvenirs. You can also find a variety of other souvenirs including sweets and T-shirts that are unique to Tokyo, Japan.

TOKYO Solamachi

After enjoying your time in TOKYO SKYTREE, head to TOKYO Solamachi to continue our one-day TOKYO SKYTREE guide. This massive complex is home to more than 300 stores, including cafes, restaurants, fashion boutiques, and general merchandise outlets. In addition to enjoying a full day of shopping, you can spend time at the aquarium and planetarium! It’s all indoors, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet in the rain.

Since it is located in the same area as TOKYO SKYTREE, you can purchase your ticket in advance online, and then spend your time at TOKYO Solamachi until it’s time to head back. Read on for more information about some of the incredible stores you can check out at Tokyo Solamachi!


Visitors can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere at the fully indoor SUMIDA AQUARIUM, which exhibits approximately 7,000 living creatures on two levels, the fifth and sixth floors, in TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN.

You can see penguins, fur seals, spotted garden eels, jellyfish, and more up close. When we went, many people gathered to take pictures of the cute little spotted garden eels and the penguins during feeding time.

In the goldfish area, where visitors can feel a Japanese atmosphere, various kinds of goldfish are displayed under rows of goldfish lanterns. There’s also a souvenir store with cute stuffed animals by the exit. The stuffed penguins are quite popular!

THE PLATINUM Buffet Restaurant

tokyo skytree one day guide

THE PLATINUM is a buffet restaurant boasting plenty of delicious dishes and desserts. Here, you can enjoy 90 minutes of pure gastronomic delight as you dig into oven-baked pizza, all sorts of pasta, salads, deli, and meat and fish dishes.

The desserts are also highly recommended. Be sure to try the crepes that are cooked right in front of you. It’s also the ideal place to dine if you’re traveling with children.

Ginza Grill Cardinal

In search of a more sophisticated dining atmosphere? Ginza Grill Cardinal is the restaurant for you! In addition to their special hamburger steak and fluffy omelet rice, there’s also a luxurious hamburger steak topped with foie gras. The generous portions and exquisite taste of all the dishes will make you want to try them again.


The Marvel Store by Small Plantes is a fun destination for all Marvel fans! It’s easily recognizable because of the Spider-Man statue located outside. The store carries a massive collection of merchandise, (including limited-edition ones), of popular characters including Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

Strawberry Mania

Strawberry lovers are bound to have an amazing time at this store that’s all about strawberries. Strawberry sweets such as Daifuku, candied strawberry, and soft-serve ice cream are all available here!

Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya

tokyo skytree one day guide

There are plenty of people out there who probably don’t know what to think when they hear about Japanese food samples. No, we’re not talking about those little testers that sales assistants hand out at malls or grocery stores.

As the name suggests, they’re replicas of dishes displayed in a restaurant storefront. This is a rather common practice in Japan. They make choosing a restaurant easier because customers can see what kind of dishes they have on the menu. Just looking at them might make you hungry!

They also sell realistic food sample keychains and other items that you can use every day. It’s always fun to look for your favorite foods. Next, let’s head out of TOKYO SKYTREE and walk towards Asakusa. Asakusa can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes.

Tokyo Mizumachi and SUMIDA RIVER WALK

Our one-day TOKYO SKYTREE guide continues with a visit to SUMIDA RIVER WALK. SUMIDA RIVER WALK is a wood-decked pedestrian bridge installed on the railroad bridge connecting Tokyo Skytree Station (the nearest station to TOKYO SKYTREE) and Asakusa Station. Underneath the pedestrian bridge is the TOKYO Mizumachi commercial complex. Since there’s a railroad line above, you can enjoy a close look at the trains as they pass by.

tokyo skytree one day guide

With the park and the river by your side, you’ll find stylish cafes, bakeries, hotels, and facilities where you can experience “padel,” a sport that originated in Spain. While leisurely enjoying Tokyo Mizumachi, head to SUMIDA RIVER WALK. From there, you’ll arrive at Asakusa in no time.

It’s the recommended and fastest route if you’re walking from TOKYO SKYTREE to Asakusa. The bridge is open from 7 PM to 10 PM and is illuminated from sunset. The view of TOKYO SKYTREE from SUMIDA RIVER WALK is also spectacular.

How was your day spent at TOKYO SKYTREE? Whether you’ve already been there or not, we hope you have made some interesting discoveries. There are lots of fun things to do here, both at TOKYO SKYTREE and Asakusa alike. We hope you’ll spend a fulfilling day at the TOKYO SKYTREE on your next visit to Tokyo!

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