Top 7 Life Changing TikTok Travel Hacks We Found Online

Top 7 Life Changing TikTok Travel Hacks We Found Online

Protips from avid travellers around the world!

If you say that you did not spend the entirety of the pandemic staring wistfully every time a throwback travel post crosses your social media feed, you’re lying. As travel resums, everyone is no doubt revving to satiate all that pent up wanderlust. But before you hop on your next flight, here are seven TikTok travel hacks that will forever change the way you jet-set around the world. 

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Sneaky flight hacks

Compression bags are your new travel besties

TikTok Travel Hack: Packing

Image credit: Sigmund 

No matter what type of traveller you are, there is certainly room for improvement when it comes to packing. Or, more accurately, there is usually not enough room.  

That’s where your friendly neighbourhood compression bag comes in to save the day. These game-changing travel must-haves come recommended by TikToker @mylifesatravelmovie. They keep your clothes vacuum sealed and teeny-tiny. Whether you’re a nomadic backpacker trying to fit your entire life into a single backpack or a fashionista whose suitcase never seems big enough, compression bags will definitely make life easier for you. 

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Go incognito for cheaper flights

TikTok Travel Hack: Cheap Flights

Image credit: Eva Darron

Who would’ve thought that going undercover and using the incognito browser could save you some money when you book flights? Tiktok’s @sightseeingsenorita and many others apparently! This hack is incredibly simple and comes highly endorsed. All you have to do to snag a cheaper plane ticket is to clear your cache and swap over to incognito. How easy is that? Truly a budget-friendly travel hack for even the laziest globe trotter. 

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Say goodbye to motion sickness

Image credit: Zohre Nemati

If you’re one of the unfortunate souls that suffer from motion sickness, we have good news! Ex-flight attendant @weariwandered dropped some useful tips and tricks to avoid the worst of aircraft turbulence on her Tiktok account. 

The secret is to get seats at the front of the airplane as the back-side of the plane experiences way more turbulence. What’s more, you can chew on ginger tablets and invest in an acupuncture wristband from Amazon to really banish your motion sickness. 

Is that a pillowcase or a carry-on? Mmm…

TikTok Travel Hack: Use a pillowcase instead of a carry-on

Image credit: Jude Infantini

Are you a notorious over-packer? Did you shop until you dropped and are now left standing with a suitcase that just refuses to close? Never fear! Instead of biting all your nails off stressing over the additional charges that come with an extra carry-on, grab a pillowcase. 

You heard that right, a pillowcase. As queen of travel hacks, @nolimitua reveals over on Tiktok, the cheeky hack entails simply stuffing your extra clothes into an empty pillowcase and zipping it up. That’s it!

Now, keep a straight face and arm yourself with acting skills just shy of Oscars-worthy and you’ll be on your flight in no time!

Tips for cheaper and better accommodation

It never hurts to just ask for an upgrade

Image credit: Kelsey Curtis

As the adage goes: if you never try, you’ll never know. Well, there is nothing truer in this case. As avid travellers @lux_list reveal on TikTok, one of the most common ways they get free upgrades is simply by asking the concierge. It might sound like a major duh moment but a surprising number of people do not know that hotels may be willing to give you an upgrade just because you asked. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a “would it be too much trouble to see if we can upgrade our stay?” paired with a cute little smile and you’re on your way to living the high life in a hotel suite!

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Stay with locals through

Image credit: Stephanie Harvey

If you’re a social butterfly eager to make new international friends or a budget barbie looking to save some money (or better yet, both), then couch surfing might be your best bet. While there are numerous sites that offer this service, TikToker @fameambition uses because it is completely free and people can leave reviews of their host and their accommodation. Safety first, ladies and gents!

As the name suggests, most hosts offer up their couches for travellers to sleep on but if you strike gold, you might be offered a guest bed instead. Unfortunately, this hack works best for solo travellers as any more than one might be a tight squeeze.

Pro-tip: In the spirit of giving back, bring your couch surfing host out for drinks or dinner on you!

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Why not try housesitting?

Image credit: Roberto Nickson

In a classic quid pro quo arrangement, housesitting might just be the new Airbnb. Nay, it might be better than Airbnb because instead of paying for accommodation, the host sometimes pays you! 

Tiktoker @kristinacors recounts her experience with the travel hack that she claims ‘saves [her] the most money’, explaining that instead of going the traditional route of hotels and Airbnbs, she opted to housesit on her trip to San Diego. This gave her excess to an entire house, some cute four-legged companions and saved her around $800. You can even housesit with your friends and significant other!

Image credit: Ross Parmly

What did we tell you? These TikTok travel hacks are absolute game changers. Before you go, leave a comment with your own brilliant travel hacks. After all, it never hurts to have more savvy and money-smart travellers around!

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