This is What Breakfast Looks Like in Different Parts of Asia

This is What Breakfast Looks Like in Different Parts of Asia

There's no better way to start the day than with a good hearty Asian breakfast.

One of the most exciting experiences to have while travelling around Asia is to taste the local food. If you’re looking for some authenticity in your travel journey, be sure to start the day with a power-packed local breakfast. The breakfast menu for this diverse continent is strikingly different from one country to the next, from pancakes to rice and noodles.

Here’s how breakfast looks like for the different countries in Asia!

1. THAILAND: Chok mu sap – Rice congee, raw/cooked egg with minced pork

breakfast in asiaImage credit: Takeaway

2. VIETNAM: Banh Mi Op La – Personal sized baguettes with eggs served in small sized pans

Image credit: Mark Weins

3. MALAYSIA: Nasi Lemak – coconut rice, ikan bilis, peanuts, eggs and sometimes meat

Image credit: Emran Kassim

4. KOREA: Rice, kimchi, meat and a few other side dishes

Image credit: Naomi Imatome

5. JAPAN: Rice, grilled fish, eggs, tofu and miso soup and occasionally sashimi!

Image credit: MichaelMaggs

6. MYANMAR: Mohinga – rice vermicelli in fish broth with fish paste, lemon grass, onions, garlic and chickpea flour (sometimes even with fritters)

Image credit: Wagaung

7. INDIA: Idli (savoury cake) with “dips” of chutney and sambar

Image credit: Ember

8. HONG KONG: Fried eggs and a bun or soup-based macaroni with a side of Hong Kong milk tea

Image credit: hamron

9. PHILIPPINES: Tapsilog – made up of sinangag (garlic fried rice) with eggs and tapa

Image credit: Halil S. Mucaram

10. TAIWAN: Dou Jiang You Tiao – sweet soy milk and fried dough stick

Image credit: Cathy H.

11. INDONESIA: Bubur Ayam (Chicken Congee)

Image credit: Sakurai Midori

12. SINGAPORE: do we really have to name all of it? We certainly saved the best for last.

Kaya Toast with Half Boiled Eggs

Image credit: Goodiesfirst

Carrot Cake

Image credit: Ruth Ellison

Roti Prata with Chicken Curry

Image credit: Jpatokal

Chee Chong Fun

Image credit: Cmglee

Mee Jian Kueh (a.k.a mian jian gao) – Pancake with peanut fillings

Image credit: Yun Huang Yong

With so many breakfast options in Asia, skip the usual continental breakfast fare. Go out and experience breakfast like a true blue local!

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What would you add to this list?

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