How to Third Wheel Effectively on a Trip

How to Third Wheel Effectively on a Trip

Who says you can’t have fun on vacation with your friends who, oh you know, happen to be a couple??

Two’s a company, three’s a crowd… Bah! FYI, that’s sooo not true – who says you can’t have fun on vacation with your friends who, oh you know, happen to be a couple?? Trust me, you can do it, and no, it ain’t awkward at all!!

Okay… Fine… So it’s kind of sian that you don’t have your own plus one by your side, and you may think that that’s kind of a bummer for your vacay, but having been there done that for my recent trip, here are some neat tips and tricks I have to turn you into the most effective third wheeler ever!

First of all, you can practise your selfie skills like nobody’s business

From our very first meal together at Changi Airport…

To our lovely stroll by the White Beach,

And even when we went sunset sailing together!

Seriously, my selfie skills are so awesome right now.

You can find other people to be your plus one

After all, it’s always fun to make friends on a vacation, aye? From the older ones,

(spot my lovey-dovey friends in the background)

To them young ‘uns.

The world is your oyster, my friends, the world is your oyster.

In fact, you can find ANYBODY to be your plus one!

After all, why just stop at humans??

Meet my goatie plus one number 1!! And check out my friend in the background trying to crash our special moment. Who’s the third wheeler now, huh???

And number 2!! We’re going to be best friends forever already, I can totally feel it. Just look at how excited this cutie is!

While you’re at it… Inanimate objects make pretty good companions, too

Just look at the four of us! My two gorgeous friends… And me and my Sexy Chardonnay.

You can have nice things to yourself

For example, all you really want sometimes is your very own umbrella when it rains… And you can totally have that when you travel with a couple! They’ll be too caught up in their own world to bother about the rainwater splashing at them anyway, but not me, I’d like to keep myself dry, thank you very much!

You can be the girl’s best gal pal!

From taking totally girly shots,

To being a total tai-tai,

And of course, to doing lots of SHOPPING,  

Provide for your female friend what the guy simply just can’t do!

Unfortunately for him, of course, while he waits for us to do our totally girly things.

You can help to take care of their things while they frolic in the ocean!

They’ll totally love you for this one, seriously. Get into their good books for the next 1000 years with this neat trick and never have to worry about asking them for a favour ever again!

You can help them to take totally cute couple shots

Awww… Just look at my friends having fun!!

You can also help to take totally cute CANDID shots!

Like, for example, when they’re making pancakes together! Ahhh!! Squeals and dies. Hey, I helped a bit, okay??

Or how ‘bout this one? Messaging each other sweet nothings, maybe??? Yep, be a totally effective third wheeler and capture cute couple candid moments forever!

So the next time your friends who happen to be a couple as well ask you to go on a vacation with them, just be super buay paiseh and say YES! With my awesome advice for how to third wheel effectively, I promise you that you’re going to have the best time ever – really!

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