14 Things to Do in Genting Highlands on Your Next Visit

14 Things to Do in Genting Highlands, Including New Attractions!

Genting has plenty to offer all year round.

Among all the popular places to visit in Malaysia, the Genting Highlands hold a special place in the hearts of Malaysians. Not only is it one of the timeless weekend destinations, but Genting is also one of the few local destinations where you can enjoy some respite from the year-long heat! Over the last few years, it has undergone plenty of changes; new Genting attractions have been added, while some of the old ones have been phased out. 

Genting has always been a local’s favourite weekend getaway destination, and travellers from around the world would also pay a visit here when they come to Malaysia. Never been here or would love to visit again? Either way, we’re here to help you start planning your trip! Here are the top things to do in Genting Highlands you don’t want to miss. 

Note: Genting is pronounced as “guhn-ting” — not “jen-ting”.

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Best things to do in Genting for a fun trip

1. Shop till you drop at the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

If you travelled back to the early 2010s and told people that Genting would one day be a shopping destination, they’d probably laugh at you. And yet, fast forward to today, that’s exactly the case! 

While Genting isn’t exactly a one-of-a-kind shopping haven (Malaysia has plenty of malls), in recent years, the City of Entertainment (as locals call it) has established itself as a top destination for shopaholics. This is mostly thanks to the shiny new Genting Highlands Premium Outlets.

As you can guess from the name, you’ll find plenty of renowned global brands here, from Michael Kors and Coach, to Kate Spade, as well as some local artisanal brands. What’s even better is that there always seems to be a sale ongoing, so you’re bound to find plenty of awesome deals!   

2. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee with a majestic view

Oh, this brings back plenty of memories. Before you say it — no, Genting isn’t a place where you’ll find a lot of swoon-worthy cafes. However, one particular activity many Malaysians never miss when they visit Genting is to have a cup of coffee… at Starbucks! 

I suppose it’s just something about sipping on a hot Americano or latte amidst the chilly alpine weather that hits the spot. That said, there is one particular Starbucks outlet in Genting that you definitely don’t want to miss: Starbucks Chin Swee

It’s not that it has a special menu or anything. Rather, it’s the alluring mountain views it offers, punctuated by misty clouds. In fact, it’s known as the most unique Starbucks outlet in Malaysia! That’s because of its unique architecture that blends into the overall aesthetics of another popular attraction in Genting: the Chin Swee Caves Temple

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3. Visit the Chin Swee Caves Temple

Image credit: Agus Jamaluddin via CanvaPro

Speaking of, despite being known mostly as an exciting resort town, the Genting Highlands isn’t all just glitzy casinos and thrilling theme parks. It’s actually got some hidden historical gems, too. Case in point: the Chin Swee Caves Temple. This iconic attraction was built in honour of a famous Taoist religious leader, who was said to be able to exorcise spirits. 

The beautiful temple is located around the midway point of the hills and is set on forested land. It features a few prayer halls and a nine-storey pagoda which you can climb for a stunning view of the surrounding greenery. 

There are also a few religious statues but most people come here for the Insta-worthy scenery and the serene atmosphere, a far cry from the vibrant sights and sounds of the resort town at the summit. And of course, to have coffee at the aforementioned Starbucks outlet. 

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4. Explore the vibrant SkyAvenue complex

Ask any Malaysian and they’ll tell you that one of the most vivid memories they have of the old Genting was thronging the nosy indoor streets of First World Plaza. There were artificial cobblestone paths, Venetian canals, an Eden-esque artificial garden, and random roller coasters zooming past overhead. It was beautiful chaos. 

Today, it has been transformed into the elegant multi-level complex known as SkyAvenue. When you visit, you’ll find plenty of shops and restaurants, along with a handful of fun attractions to enjoy. What makes SkyAvenue so popular these days is the ease of access: This lifestyle mall is connected to the SkyAvenue cable car station. So, you can actually visit the area after you park your car downhill! 

5. Indulge in incredible culinary delights at SkyAvenue

If you told someone from a few years ago that Genting would one day become a foodie destination, no one would believe you. And yet, the unbelievably long lines outside eateries like Five Guys, Burger and Lobster, and the many hotpot restaurants at SkyAvenue prove otherwise. I remember when the only food options I had at Genting were a Hainanese kopitiam and a McDonald’s! 

While the prices are a bit higher than usual (it is a tourist resort town), the food is truly incredible and definitely worth the splurge. If you’re not into global fast-food chains, there are also plenty of local and Asian restaurants to choose from. 

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6. Hop on fun rides at the indoor Skytropolis Theme Park

Image credit: Shawnanggg

Speaking of new and improved, the previous random collection of rides at First World Plaza has now been replaced by the glitzy, Insta-worthy Skytropolis Theme Park

Filled with thrilling rides that are newly refurbished, it’s the perfect way to enjoy some indoor theme park fun. There are over 20 attractions to choose from. Some of them are family-friendly, while others are well-catered to adrenaline junkies. 

However, here’s an insider tip: While Skytropolis is loads of fun, if you find yourself pressed for time, I recommend just stopping by here for a few photos. (The neon lights in the background are totally swoon-worthy). Then, proceed to Genting’s newest attraction: Genting SkyWorlds

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7. Experience “snow” at Genting’s ever-popular Snow World

One particular attraction from the “old” First World Plaza is Snow World. As you might expect from the name, it is one of the only places in Malaysia where you can experience a winter wonderland!

Of course, the snow is artificial snow, but the excitement of making (fake) snow angels is definitely genuine. The chilly temperatures within Snow World help to make the experience more authentic, too! 

Note: At the time of writing, it is temporarily closed. But from what we gather, it’s one of the few old Genting attractions that are still standing.

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8. Discover endless fun at the brand-new Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

Oh yes. After years and years of delays and development issues (and even a brush with legal trouble with 20th Century Fox) — the new Genting SkyWorlds finally opened in February 2022! 

Expect plenty of fun rides from lovable childhood cartoons and TV shows like Rio, Ice Age, and Andromeda. There are also various themed zones that offer exhilarating rides and plenty of unique F&B options to choose from. 

The best part? As of writing, most attractions in this Genting outdoor theme park are already open. Nevertheless, we recommend pre-booking tickets to the attractions via the theme park’s app. You might also want to avoid coming during public holidays or weekends, as it will be very crowded! 

9. Hop aboard a scenic cable car ride

genting cable car

Image credit: Aaron Lee

One of the things to do in Genting that you really can’t miss is simply… travelling there. Of course, you could just drive all the way up along the windy mountain roads. But a better way is to stop in Gohtong Jaya and hop on a cable car to the top! 

As you travel at a leisurely pace, you’ll be able to admire the surrounding scenery from up high! And the best part about taking a cable car ride is that it’s relatively affordable and it takes you straight to SkyAvenue (as mentioned earlier). You could also hop off at the Chin Swee Caves Temple, if that’s what you want to see first.

10. Get close to nature with a luxurious glamping experience

Most people who visit Genting choose to stay at the many resorts and hotels in the hills. A great choice by any means, but if you’re craving something a little different and a little more luxurious, check out GLAMZ at Genting

What’s different, you ask? For one, rather than staying in a hotel room, you’ll be staying in a domed glasshouse. Yes, GLAMZ at Genting is one of Malaysia’s most popular glamping experiences, featuring alluring vistas, chilly mountain air, and therapeutic vibes. 

While you’ll have to find your way to SkyAvenue and all the other mainstream attractions, GLAMZ offers you a unique experience of the natural scenery — something that most visitors tend to neglect (since Genting is known more for its resorts). So, if you want to sleep under the stars in comfort, then definitely check out this accommodation option. 


11. Try out the locals’ favourite cuisines in Gohtong Jaya

Image credit (L-R): 66 Corner Gohtong Jaya Official Facebook Page; Cecelia Chang

As mentioned, Gohtong Jaya is a town that you’ll definitely pass by while you’re heading up to the Genting Highlands. Yes, Genting is an excellent place to go for a gastronomic journey. However, if you’re up for a more local experience, try out the authentic Malaysian delicacies in Gohtong Jaya! 

Here, the most prominent cuisine that you’ll find is Malaysian Chinese cuisine. But there are also mamak stalls, Indian food, and some Thai restaurants around. Personally, I would recommend trying seafood, Bak Kut Teh, and other Chinese dishes. Loong Kee, Chuan Kie, and 66 Lok Lok Corner are some of the most popular restaurants in the area worth checking out.

12. Pick and eat strawberries at Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms

Also situated in Gohtong Jaya is another attraction in Genting called the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, or with family, leisure activities such as picking strawberries and indulging in the beauty of flora and fauna are always a good idea. The entrance fee for is RM20 (~US$4 or S$6) for adults and RM15(~US$3 or S$4) for children. 

Aside from handpicking and eating strawberries, you can also indulge in photo-taking, because there are so many beautiful flowers at the farm. From colourful hydrangeas to red roses, I guarantee you will not get tired of the view! There is also a lavender field, food stalls, photo booths, and other souvenir shops. It’s truly one of the best things to do in Genting, and you can spend half a day here without getting bored!

13. Experience the nightlife and party until sunrise

Genting Highlands is also a notable destination for night owls and partygoers. Since Genting is only less than an hour away from Kuala Lumpur city centre, many would also travel here to experience the bustling nightlife. Rockafellers Genting, RedTail Genting by Zouk, and Alps Bar Genting SkyAvenue are some of the most prominent night bars in the area with great ambience, a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, and delicious food! For a fun partying and clubbing experience, check out Zouk Genting and Cloud 9

14. Go on a “terrifying” journey at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Adventureland

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Adventureland is situated within SkyAvenue. This is a unique family-friendly attraction based on the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” American franchise. Here, you’ll encounter a collection of bizarre items and artefacts from around the world, get hands-on experience with the exhibits, and discover many other ancient relics and pop-culture memorabilia. Make sure to put this place on your list of things to do in Genting for a quirky and memorable adventure!

Bonus: Try your luck at Casino de Genting

genting casino

Image credit: Kaysha

The Genting Highlands also has a flattering moniker: the Las Vegas of Southeast Asia. That’s thanks in no part to the various entertainment options and attractions, yes. But more so because it is the only place in Malaysia where you can legally enter a casino. 

There are plenty of casinos scattered throughout the various hotels and resorts, although most of them go by the same name: Casino de Genting. There are plenty of gaming options here, ranging from live table games to electronic ones. But do be aware that, unlike some places where anyone is free to enter the casino, Genting imposes a strict age limit for patrons. You will have to be at least 21 years of age to even peek past the entrance! 

If you do manage to get in, well, have fun responsibly —and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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And there you have it: all the incredible things to do in Genting for a (literal) cool getaway in Malaysia! With so many new attractions in Genting now, it is certainly worth paying a visit for both tourists and locals (especially if the last time you went to Genting was when you were still a kid)!

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