8 Charming Thermal Mugs and Bottles You Can Buy Online in Singapore

8 Classy Thermal Mugs and Bottles Singaporeans Can Buy Online

There are many styles and colours to choose from!

Nothing says “comfort” like a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the morning, or a cool glass of water after a long run outdoors. So, what do you do to ensure you have such a refreshing drink for such occasions? You invest in thermal mugs and bottles, of course! Keep your drink at just the right temperature by bringing your insulated mugs with you wherever you go. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed down these classy, cute-looking thermal mugs and bottles that Singaporeans can buy online. 

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1. These minimalist insulated fashion pots that you can bring anywhere

These may not precisely be thermal mugs or bottles, but these insulated pots are too irresistible not to mention. Featuring a double-walled and two-fold vacuum insulation structure, these solid-coloured fashion pots will keep your coffee hot or water cold for over 10 hours. The diameter is big enough to effortlessly put ice in and give the pot a thorough rinsing. What’s more, it has a built-in turntable at the bottom so you can turn the pot around easily!

Model name: Mosh! Tank1L

Where to buy: HipVan

Price: ~S$60

2. These sleek thermal mugs that are non-slippery and stainless

These thermal mugs are admittedly on the more affordable end, but they have notable strengths. Featuring a sleek and clean look, they’re also made of high-quality stainless steel, prevent bacteria growth, and come with leak-proof lids making them ideal for travel. These mugs can keep your drinks hot or cold for as long as six hours. 

Model name: No brand

Where to buy: Shopee

Price: ~S$8.60-S$9.60

3. A couple of wooden-covered thermal bottles to keep things natural

Sometimes, wooden accents are all we need to convince us that a product has pleasing aesthetics. Sealed with a wooden cover, this portable bottle is made up of double stainless steel, is leak-proof, and has a 500ml capacity. It’ll keep your drinks hot or cold for 8-10 hours. Based on its reviews, customers are quite satisfied with how they received their thermal bottle in good condition. 

Model name: No brand

Where to buy: Shopee

Price: ~S$9-S$10

4. Some scene-stealing customisable bottles for you and your friends

Ever wanted a thermal bottle with your name on it? Well, here’s your chance. These customisable and insulated stainless bottles are perfect gifts to give your loved ones for whatever occasion. According to their description, the thermal bottles feature double-wall vacuum seals that can even keep ice frozen all day long and maintain your hot drinks for up to 12 hours. There are several elegant colours to choose from too like Wine, Rose Gold, and Glossy. 

Model name: Misty Daydream insulated stainless steel bottle

Where to buy: Carousell, Misty Daydream official website

Price: S$14.90

5. This petite and smart-looking thermal flask perfect for work or school

In case you were looking for a small thermal mug that you can easily tuck inside your bag, this is the answer to your prayers. This cute flask features a 200ml capacity, stainless steel, heat preservation, a leak-proof ring, and safety lock that ensures nothing will spill inside your bag or table. This product also gets plus points for having reviews that attest to its convenience in size and functionality. 

Model name: No brand

Where to buy: Qoo10

Price: S$7.90

6. Some classy multi-functional thermal bottles for both food and drink

These colourful containers don’t just act as thermal mugs but also as food jars. Use them as mugs to store your hot coffee, cold water, or even as tupperware for porridge, soup, children’s food, and condiments. Nothing beats multi-use kitchenware, right? Even better, the collection comes in striking colours like Saffron Yellow, Chili Red, and Indigo Blue. 

Model name: Tiger thermos

Where to buy: Qoo10

Price: S$31

7. A couple of retro thermal bottles to fit your personal aesthetic

If these designs sparked a bit of nostalgia, it’s because these thermal bottles were inspired by retro milk cans. But don’t let the simple and cute aesthetic fool you. These latte bottles come with stainless steel and acrylic plug, which is useful for people who suffer allergies to metal. Adorable and compact, these latte bottles will also keep your drinks hot or cold for as long as 12 hours. 

Model name: Mosh! Latte Bottle 450ml

Where to buy: HipVan

Price: S$42.90

BONUS: This extremely useful auto cup warmer you can travel with

If you have more than enough thermal mugs and bottles in your collection, then consider investing in cup warmers or thermal coasters just to change things up a bit. This portable cup warmer comes with many comfortable features, such as a smooth and round edge, tempered glass, and a one-touch button control. It can heat porcelain mugs, canned drinks, pots, glass, stainless steel, and even pocket drinks. It’s a perfect travel companion, if you ask us!

Model name: No brand

Where to buy: Qoo10

Price: S$9.40 (+S$4.90 with cup)

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Take our word for it, a good thermal mug or bottle that fits your preference and lifestyle can be game-changing. This list of positively reviewed products surely only scratch the surface of all the cool and functional thermal containers one can buy in Singapore. Feel free to hit us up on our Facebook page if you have more suggestions!

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