Thailand's Temperatures Will Drop To 15°C This Winter

Bundle Up; Thailand’s Temperatures Will Plunge to 15°C in December

As it turns out, you don’t need to travel far this winter. 

Where would you go this winter?

For most Southeast Asian citizens, winter is when everyone travels to some far-flung country with plummeting temperatures and plenty of snow. We take whatever chance we can to avoid our hot, humid weather. Thus, a trip up north ranks high on our itinerary.

But as it turns out, you might not need to travel that far to experience the chill.

Places in Thailand will reach record lows 

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According to the Thai Meteorological Agency, temperatures could go as low as 15 to 17°C in Bangkok during the period of December to January 2020. Down south, the island of Phuket will experience temperatures of around 22°C.

Due to the mountainous landscape in Northern Thailand, cities like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai could experience record low temperatures. Chiang Rai could see the temperature go all the way down to 7-9°C, while Chiang Mai is expected to hover around 12-14°C.

Winter season is actually the best time to visit Thailand 

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Thailand is not close to the Equator, so it also experiences four seasons and changes in the weather. However, winter in Thailand will not be as cold as countries like Korea or Japan. The average temperature in Thailand hovers around 26°C or 27°C. 

Thailand’s winter season usually lasts from November until February next year. During this season, moderate temperatures and low rainfall make Thailand one of the best countries to visit in the region. Travellers are able to explore Thailand’s abundant night markets and beaches without experiencing the hot, humid weather associated with the region. 

Winter officially starts this week

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Thailand officially enters winter season this week, with heavy rains expected across the country. With stronger winds and the incoming cold front from China, temperatures will continue dropping until mid-December. At its lowest, average day temperatures in Bangkok are expected to reach 21°C.   

As Thailand’s weather reaches new lows, it will finally achieve the holy trinity of travel: nice attractions, good food and cool weather.

For those planning their annual year-end shopping and eating spree in Bangkok, do remember to bring some jackets and pants to prepare for the cold nights. For those wondering where to go this year-end holidays, why not consider a trip to Thailand instead of your usual winter spots? 

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