10 Mountains to Climb in Thailand With the Most Incredible Views

10 Mountains to Climb in Thailand With the Most Incredible Views

Whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day hike, this selection of mountains in Thailand has the perfect trail for you!

You may not be aware of it, but there’s much more to Thailand than just endless sand beaches, great food and nightlife. In fact, this country is blessed with some of the most diverse landscapes in the world. From its coral reef-fringed tropical islands to rural rice paddies and impenetrable jungle, Thailand is a great destination for outdoor activities.

Hiking is an especially fun thing to do when visiting Thailand. Its many mountain ranges and hills are home to numerous beautiful hiking trails. In this post, we’ve listed the ten best mountains for hiking in Thailand.

1. Doi Inthanon

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If you hike one mountain in Thailand, let it be Doi Inthanon. Located around two hours from Chiang Mai, this is the country’s highest mountain, rising 2,565 metres above sea level and famous for its ultra-prominent summit. This is a popular tourist destination. Although there is no hiking trail to its summit—there’s a road instead—, there is, in fact, a pretty wonderful nature trail near the top.

2. Khao Mokoju

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Towering 1,964 metres above sea level, Khao Mokoju (or Khao Mo Ko Chu) is the highest mountain in Mae Wong National Park. Getting there and back again requires a five-day-long trek. These treks through the jungle should be done with a local guide. On the way, you might spot lar gibbons, Malayan tapirs, Phayre’s leaf monkey and maybe even a tiger.

3. Phu Lang Ka

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The namesake of Phu Lang Ka National Park, Phu Lang Ka is 1,720 metres high. From the mountain, you can enjoy a wonderful view that takes in a rural valley, limestone outcrops and forests. This is a misty region, so you’ll often be able to see fog carpeting the landscape below.

4. Doi Chiang Dao

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Climbing Doi Chiang Dao, also referred to as Doi Luang Chiang Dao near Chiang Mai is sometimes considered to be the greatest one-day hike in northern Thailand. The third-tallest mountain in the country, this mountain is reached on a challenging uphill hike. It takes around eight hours for the entire roundtrip, so bring plenty of water and food.

5. Doi Pha Tang

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Situated near the Laos border, about 160 kilometres from Chiang Rai, Doi Pha Tang lies in Pha Daeng National Park. Near the mountain’s summit, there are rocky outcrops that make for a superb photo opportunity. The views from these rocks are truly spectacular, taking in the Mekong River and the Luang Prabang mountain range. The hike to Doi Pha Tang is surprisingly easy, making it a great day trip from Chiang Mai.

6. Phu Chi Fah

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Phu Chi Fah lies only 25 kilometre from above-mentioned Doi Pha Tang. It’s easy to combine these two mountains on a day trip. A well-trodden trail leads up this popular mountain, the summit of which offers superb vistas. Note that this region is characterized by mist —sometimes you’ll find yourself above the clouds, which is pretty amazing.

7. Doi Ma Muang Sam Muen

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The hike to the 1,800-metre summit of Doi Ma Muang Sam Muen is an 18-kilometre overnight trek. A steep climb up a misty mountain, this hike can be quite challenging to some. However, the rewards are amazing. Near the mountain’s top, you can admire Pitugro or Pe To Lo Su (or known by various other names), Thailand’s highest waterfall.

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8. Khao Chang Pueak

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With its 1,249 metres, Khao Chang Phueak is the third-highest peak in Kanchanaburi. You can ascend this beautiful mountain on an eight-kilometre hiking trail. Make sure, though, to register at the Thong Pha Phum National Park visitor center if you want to hike the mountain, as only 60 hikers are allowed on the trail each day.

9. Doi Ang Khang

Located three hours by car from Chiang Mai and 1,928 metres above sea level, Doi Ang Khang is set in an area of mountains, valleys and forests. The cooler climate makes this an ideal place for hiking in Thailand. Mists are often present while winter plants and flowers make up the area’s unique flora. The best time of year to hike this scenic mountain is late-winter, when Himalayan cherry blossoms and Thai sakura are in bloom.

10. Doi Pha Hom Pok

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The second-highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Pha Hom Pok near Chiang Mai is 2,285 metres high. This mountain is much more remote than the other high mountains in the country—Doi Inthanon and Doi Chiang Dao. The hike up to the summit starts at the Kiew Lom Campground, incidentally the highest campground in Thailand, and is 3.5 kilometres one-way. This is an exceptionally scenic area with fantastic views, picturesque waterfall and lots of wildlife and plants.

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