Thailand Tourist Entry Fee Confirmed: ฿300 for Air Arrivals by June 2023

Thailand Will Start Charging Tourist Entry Fees by June 2023

Expect different charges for air, land, and water arrivals.

For many travellers, Thailand is the ultimate bucket list destination. On top of its diverse gastronomy, the country is well-loved for its shopping malls, stunning beaches, and rich culture.  If you’re planning to visit the Land of Smiles later this year, there’s something you need to know. 

Starting 1 Jun 2023, the Thailand tourist entry fee will be imposed on international tourists with a few exceptions. Those travelling by air will be charged ฿300 (~S$11) and travellers coming in by water or land will be charged ฿150 (~$6). 

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Who will be exempted from paying?

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International visitors who are not staying overnight in Thailand will be exempted from paying the entrance fees. This includes day and transit passengers. Children under the age of two are also exempted. 

In addition, foreigners with Thai work permits, and those with diplomatic and official passports are also exempt. Most importantly, Thai nationals taking domestic flights are also exempt. 

More info about the Thailand tourist entry fee

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It’s no surprise that Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. In the past year, Thailand has received a total of 11.15 million foreign visitors. Specifically, Bangkok welcomes over 22.7 million international visitors every year. As the whole world continues to recover from the pandemic, the country expects 30 million visitors in 2023. 

All in all, the government expects to collect ฿3.5 billion (~S$135 million) from Thailand tourist fees. A section of the funds will be used to provide health and accident insurance for tourists and develop local attractions. 

For travellers arriving by air, this new tax will be included in the plane ticket price on top of existing airport exit fees. However, collection from those travelling by sea or land has yet to be determined. 

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If you’re planning to visit the Land of Smiles later this year, do take note of these changes. Happy flying! 

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