Munch on Disney Edibles in Tokyo! Mickey Waffles, Little Green Men Mochi and more

Munch on Disney Edibles in Tokyo! Mickey Waffles, Little Green Men Mochi and more

With the seemingly endless variety of food you’re spoilt with at Tokyo Disney Resort, are you at a loss for what you should try? You’re in for the best Disney gourmet experience with these 6 delectable eats!

The endless variety of food at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea can leave you at a loss for what you should try to gain the best gourmet experience in the two sprawling theme parks. Fret not, for here is a guide to the 6 yummiest Tokyo Disney foods that you definitely must try! Disney fan or not, you’re bound to love them.

1. Mickey-shaped waffles

Image credits: Bong Grit

Image credits: Abby Grieff

The warm Mickey-shaped waffles at Great American Waffle Company are so crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside, they leave you craving for more! Toppings include maple syrup, chocolate as well as a delectable mix of strawberry and custard. Their mini counterparts, the bite-sized petite waffles, make a great snack to munch on while you’re in queue for your next ride!

Where: Great American Waffle Company, World Bazaar @ Disneyland

2. Heart-shaped meat patty with seasonal sauce

Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland has cordially invited you to a grand banquet at her majestic castle! With the array of good-looking but unpalatable food out there that has disappointed us countlessly, you’d expect mediocre food from this Wonderland-themed restaurant. Hold your horses!

Image credits: Jeff Rooks

One of their main dishes – heart-shaped meat patty with seasonal sauce – is as delicious as it looks. The portion is also perfect to fill your stomach for lunch and yet leave some extra room for random snacks throughout the rest of the day. Don’t forget the desserts!

Image credits: anna_d

Where: Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, Fantasyland @ Disneyland

3. Spicy smoked chicken leg

Image credits: Lee Shu Shien

Tender, juicy and extremely flavourful, the spicy smoked chicken leg is one of the hottest items (quite literally) in Tokyo DisneySea. The average queue time is 30 minutes! Don’t let its ordinary look deceive you – once you’ve taken a bite into the succulent drumstick, it’s so tasty you’d think you’ve flown to heaven. I’m not even exaggerating. Did Tinker Bell put some pixie dust in them?

Where: Lost River Cookhouse, Lost River Delta @ DisneySea

4. Gyoza sausage bun

Image credits: @moffinghkn_

Gyoza? Sausage? Bun? Don’t be confused by its name. This highly popular steamed bun that resembles a giant gyoza sees excited customers making beeline outside the wagon as early as 10am!

Made up of minced pork and onion, the juicy centre of the bun is what everyone raves about. The burst of rich flavour in your mouth can put even the best steamed bun in Chinatown to shame.

Image credits: @mermaid_nana

A spooky Halloween-themed black sausage gyoza bun, anyone?

Where: Refreshment Station, Mysterious Islands @ DisneySea

5. Chandu tiger tail chicken cream bun

Image credits: Lee Shu Shien

Inspired by Chandu the Tiger from Sinbad’s adventure, this warm tail-shaped bun in orange and black stripes has chicken cream and corn filling so creamy and flavourful you’ll want to savour it as slowly as you can. We’ll deal with the toxic food colouring after.

Where: Sultan’s Oasis or Seaside Snacks, Arabian Coast @ DisneySea

6. Little Green Men mochi

Image credits: @PLANET_P_EXO

If there is one dessert you should Instagram when in Disney, this is it. These Little Green Men-inspired mochi are so adorable you would buy them just to show them off on the web sphere. The tiny character sweets which come in sets of three are chewy and the cream fillings – strawberry, custard and chocolate respectively – complement the pounded sticky rice perfectly.

Where: Outside 2nd floor of Pan Galactic Pizza Port, Tomorrowland @ Disneyland and Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery, Mediterranean Harbour @ DisneySea

Aren’t the pictures of these Disney eats tantalising your taste buds already? You can plan a trip there with these travel packages to Tokyo and try them for yourself!

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