Here’s How a Stray Dog Was Welcomed in a Speedmart Store in Malaysia

Here’s How a Stray Dog Was Able to Take Shelter in a Malaysian Store

Every act of kindness counts!

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for stray animals? They’re our furry friends who need extra TLC! In Malaysia, staff from a 99 Speedmart store even allow a stray dog to take shelter inside whenever a thunderstorm hits. There was a recent Twitter post on 27 Feb 2022 that showed just how this happens. 

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The photo post shows the stray dog taking cover and sleeping on top of a stack of pet food: 

speedmart stray dog

Image credit: nabilfikran10

It was posted by Twitter user nabilfikran10 who wrote, “I always pray for those who do good to these stray animals to enter the highest heaven.” As of writing, the tweet has gained almost 13,000 retweets and around 26,500 likes. 

Image credit: nabilfikran10 

Upon further inquiring about the dog in Speedmart, the customer found out that this particular dog always asks to come inside the store every time heavy rain pours. This stray dog is a regular at Speedmart, so to speak!

A lot of people on social media were very touched by the staff’s act of kindness. Based on the reactions to the Twitter post, it seems that this is not the only 99 Speedmart store in Malaysia that hosts stray animals in need. The branches in Rawang, for instance, give some affection to stray cats too. 

speedmart stray dog

Image credit: markisah_pico

A former Speedmart employee also shared a recollection of a friendly stray dog in the branch he used to work in. 

Image credit: AminN_Rashid

There were, of course, concerns that grocery products that come in contact with animal saliva (if this was the case) are no longer ideal. So, some gave their suggestions to the Malaysian staff hosting stray dogs or cats in Speedmart on how to train the strays. 

speedmart stray dog

Image credit: mkhairulafiq_

Well, no matter the concern, the moral of the story is that the struggles of stray animals, especially dogs and cats, are often underestimated. Not only are they at the mercy of the environment, but they’re also at the mercy of people who may or may not have the heart to help them in their hour of need. 

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Should you find yourself in a position to assist frightened or struggling stray animals, a simple act of kindness would surely make a huge impact. The Malaysian staff in Speedmart who host the stray dog is a testament to that!

Featured Facebook image credit (L-R): Leeyz717 | Wikimedia; nabilfikran10 | Official Twitter Page

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