Southeast Asians Are Among the Sexiest People in the World, Survey Says

Southeast Asians Are Among the Sexiest People in the World, Survey Says

Wow! We're sexy?

Beauty is completely subjective and lies in the eyes of the beholder. Despite this, there are still a lot of survey websites out there that are always interested in knowing how their followers would rank certain beauty categories. One of these survey websites is Big 7 Travel, which specialises in listing “The 50 Best” of everything under the sun. 

In 2019, they surveyed a sample of their 1.5 million audiences across the world and asked them where they thought they’d find the sexiest nationalities. The correspondents were not given any specific definition of “sexy,” so the interpretation was all up to them. 

According to the survey, several Asians made it to the Top 25. Three came from Southeast Asia: Filipinos ranked third place, Indonesians ranked 11th, while Malaysians ranked 25th. Thais also ranked on the list but further down at 36th place. Check the Top 25 Sexiest People in the World below. 

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Sexiest people in the world

Image credit: Adam Navarro

  1. Ukrainian
  2. Danish
  3. Filipino
  4. Brazilian 
  5. Australian
  6. South African
  7. Italian 
  8. Armenian
  9. English
  10. Canadian
  11. Indonesian
  12. French
  13. Dutch 
  14. Kenyan
  15. Barbadian/Bajan
  16. Spanish
  17. Bulgarian
  18. Czech
  19. Japanese
  20. Hungarian
  21. Finnish
  22. Colombian
  23. New Zealander
  24. Mexican
  25. Malaysian

Check out the full list of the Top 50 Sexiest People in the World here.

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To reiterate, there is no definite standard for beauty. It differs per culture but most especially per person. So don’t set this list in stone… unless your nationality made the cut. We jest! 

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