Thailand Plans Shorter Quarantine for Tourists When Bangkok Reopens

Thailand Now Planning to Shorten Quarantine for When Bangkok Reopens

Are you ready to go back to Bangkok?

When news broke out that Bangkok, Thailand would be reopening in October 2021, travellers were ecstatic. But here’s even more good news: Fully vaccinated travellers might be able to enjoy a shortened quarantine period once Bangkok reopens. 

This plan was proposed by Thailand’s disease control committee. They brought up the idea of cutting the mandatory two-week quarantine in half for fully vaccinated travellers in Bangkok. This not only aims to help leisure travellers, but also international students and business travellers as well. 

“Reducing the quarantine is not only about tourism, but will help business travel and foreign students,” senior health official Opas Karnkawinpong said in a news conference. He added that PCR tests would still be required.

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Non fully vaccinated tourists and those without proof of inoculation will still need to be quarantined for 10 days if arriving by air and for 14 days if arriving by land. As of writing, only Phuket and the Samui islands can waive quarantine for fully vaccinated tourists. The proposal for a shortened quarantine in Bangkok will be presented to the Thai government on 27 Sep 2021, Monday.

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If you have plans of touring Bangkok soon, make sure to follow the health and safety protocols. Let us know if your trip is successful!

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