Top Ski Resorts in the French Alps You Shouldn’t Miss

7 Ski Resorts in the French Alps You Shouldn’t Miss

Say hello to breathtakingly spectacular sceneries!

When you are planning to take a break from your hectic and boring routine you want to look for holidays that allow you to escape. While there are plenty of places that can help you unwind and relax you would want to ensure that you make the right choices. Over the years, the French Alps have remained one of the best places on the planet that can offer you so much more than you can imagine. 

You can visit the French Alps during the summer season and enjoy some mountain biking, trekking, and hiking activities. However, in the winter season, it transforms itself into a frozen fairyland that offers breathtakingly spectacular sceneries. 

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If you are planning ski holidays alone or with your family, you would want to explore some of the best ski resorts that you can find in the French Alps. These resorts can provide you with the best accommodation, food, ski adventures, and winter activities that will help you have memorable experiences.

Let’s take a quick look at the top ski resorts in the French Alps that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Val d’Isere

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Val d’Isere is a top family-friendly ski station in French Alps that should be on your list if you have plans to visit France. This is a premium alpine resort in France that offers plenty of charm and scenic landscapes. If you are into skiing and you want to make the most of your skiing holiday, you can find some great accommodations that fit your budget. 

The ski resort provides you with world-class piste trails for all levels and that makes it an ideal destination for beginner, intermediate and even expert skiers. When you are done with skiing you can explore unique boutiques in the villages and head for some of the best restaurants for delicious regional cuisine. 

2. Courchevel

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For many decades now, Courchevel has remained the benchmark for a world-class ski resort in the French Alps. This ski resort is ideal for those who don’t want to compromise on anything. With world-class facilities and amenities, luxurious accommodations, and excellent connectivity, Courchevel has become the winter playground for many rich and famous people.

It also boasts reliable weather and snowy terrain, you can find plenty of well-groomed piste trails that provide the right fun and adventure. For accommodation, you can choose from five resort villages based on your budget and preference. It also has an efficient and modern lift system, a lively après ski scene and plenty of on-mountain restaurants for fine dining and trendy bars. 

3. La Plagne

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Ideal for beginner and intermediate skiers, La Plagne also has a reputation for being one of the top ski resorts in the French Alps. Located in the Tarentaise Valley, this ski resort has something to offer to everyone. With huge skiable verticals and a vast skiing area for beginner and novice skiers, it is an ideal spot for families looking to spend quality time in the French Alps. Here, you can find plenty of ski equipment rentals or you can buy it online and bring your skis and snowboards along. 

La Plagne is interlinked with Les Arcs, so you can use that additional ski area to explore the French Alps. With plenty of ski-in and ski-out accommodations, La Plagne is an ideal ski resort for families. Also, there are many resort villages here that offer a perfect time for couples looking to shop and explore the region. You can also look out for various non-ski activities here, like snowshoeing and dog-sledding. 

4. Meribel

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Located in the heart of Les Trois Vallees (The Three Valleys), Meribel is well-connected with Courchevel and Val Thorens. With its prime location, it can provide you with plenty of benefits and options that no other ski resort can offer. If you want to explore the vast 600 km of the Les Trois Vallees, Meribel is the best place to be as you can explore other interlinked ski resorts as well. 

Furthermore, Meribel provides plenty of options for expert skiers who prefer off-piste skiing and freeriding. On the other hand, with plenty of well-groomed piste trails, there is enough ski area available for beginner and intermediate skiers.  

5. Alpe d’Huez

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Located in southeast France, Alpe d’Huez is among the top ski resorts near Grenoble. With a massive diverse ski area, this ski resort can provide you with the best skiing and snowboarding experience in the French Alps. With more than 250km of piste trails and 2,200m of skiable vertical Alpe d’Huez is a paradise for skiers looking for some fun and adventure. It also has reliable snow cover and plenty of groomed trails, making it a good place for novice and beginner skiers. 

If you are relatively new to the world of skiing this is the ski resort you should choose. Alpe d’Huez also has excellent après ski and dining options along with some of the best accommodations, ample car parking options, and trendy nightlife. If you are looking for a ski weekend holiday, Alpe d’Huez should be on your list. 

6. Chamonix

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Chamonix in France has remained one of the iconic ski resorts known for hardcore adventurers and skiers. It stands before the mighty Mont Blanc and is home to some extreme sports action. Hence, you can find people who are into ice climbing, paragliding, and extreme skiing. However, that doesn’t mean that Chamonix has nothing to offer for beginners and intermediate skiers. There are enough groomed pistes for families and those who want to learn skiing. 

You can also find excellent schools that can teach you how to snowboard. With vibrant towns and lively après ski options, Chamonix should certainly be on your list. Also, it provides excellent connectivity and is one of the closest ski resorts to Geneva airport. 

7. La Norma

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With excellent value-for-money experience, La Norma has always been one of the best ski resorts in the French Alps. With excellent connectivity and a two-hour drive from Geneva, it can provide a great option for those interested in ski weekend getaway options. La Norma offers breathtaking landscapes of the French Alps and that itself is worth the money you spend. Also, it has reliable cold-weather conditions, ensuring that you can find plenty of snow when you arrive. 

With diverse piste trails for beginner, intermediate and expert skiers there are plenty of options to choose from. La Norma also gets the benefit of efficient and modern lift systems that allow skiers to quickly move up and down the valley. With plenty of accommodations and a lively après ski scene, La Norma offers practically all the facilities and amenities you would need for a good ski holiday.

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So, which of these ski resorts in the French Alps are you planning to visit next? 

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