Siargao, Philippines Made It to Time Magazine & Here's What it Said!

Siargao, Philippines Made It to Time Magazine as One of the World’s Greatest Places!

Who knows what other Philippine destinations remain "secret"?

Just last month, the Philippines’ island of Siargao made headlines because it was recently given a shoutout by Vogue Paris. Well, Siargao did it again. Only this time, the publication to have taken notice was none other than Time Magazine. Yes, the world-famous American magazine that traditionally features iconic people, places, and things. 

Not only is this feature a big thing for Siargao because of Time, but also because Siargao was formerly somewhat of a secret destination within the Philippines and among foreign surfers. Although its first foreign magazine feature was decades ago, Siargao remained relatively under the radar. But things are definitely changing. 

Time put a spotlight on Siargao

Time recently published a page on their website, which listed down “The World’s Greatest Places of 2021.” Siargao was the Philippines’ one and only island representative to have made it to the list. In the Siargao feature, Time wrote:

“While destinations such as Boracay, Cebu and Palawan nailed the mass market, the teardrop-­shaped island off the coast of Mindanao until recently had been best known to a dedicated band of surfers lured by consistent waves. But the secret is out, and new spots are popping up on the island, including the beachfront Inara Siargao Resort, an intimate five-suite property that can be booked on Instagram. Just before COVID-19 shutdowns, Siargao got additional cell towers to improve data connectivity, which will be a boon to tourism when it reopens to vaccinated international travelers.” —Duncan Forgan

Image credit: Rene Padillo

Yes, the secret is indeed out. For better or for worse, Filipinos will soon have to share their precious surfing haven to more curious foreigners, just as they do with Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan. A tip to foreign tourists, though: Like many islands in the Philippines, Siargao implements beach cleanups to promote sustainable tourism. If you can set aside time, please volunteer. 

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There are plenty more destinations Time featured on its list aside from Siargao, most of them familiar, such as Singapore, Hokkaido, Osaka, Taipei, Paris, and Tuscany. If you want to check out the full list, click here

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